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DIVE - UnderneathDIVE
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: Underneath
Blurb: Industrial pioneer Dirk Ivens returns to music with his new album after a 13 year hiatus from DIVE.


Dirk Ivens needs no introduction in the world of industrial music – he has been helming DIVE for longer than many bands in this scene. Underneath is his first album in 13 years and it maintains the DIVE sound that made the band popular among many fans of the genre. There is no denying that Ivens is a pioneer in what he does, but unfortunately, Underneath offers nothing new to the listener. While there are some points of real interest, the album as a whole gets very repetitive.

Tracks like “Far Away,” “Let Me In,” and “Melt” stand out as the best on the album, with “Far Away” being the superior by far and would be welcomed on any club floor. Each song uses an ample amount of distortion with heavy bass lines that sit on top of the mix like a water bug skimming across the lake. The melodies, when present, are there, but are presented either very subtly or are missed as they are buried deep into the song. The heavy sounding distortion on the record along with the monotone and repetitive delivery on the vocals make it hard to hold interest for very long.

While overall the record gets a little long in the teeth, the standout tracks do provide enough bite to keep this release above a failing grade. Throughout the whole album, one can pick up on sounds and structures that remind this writer of early Nine Inch Nails, while the vocals are very reminiscent to Bill Leeb’s deliveries on albums like Caustic Grip. Some of the most interesting parts of the album are when Ivens uses noise to create interesting soundscapes. For instance, in the song “Far Behind,” one can hear what sounds like someone yelling in the background while using a circular saw.

I’d say you need to give this record a listen for yourself to determine if it’s your cup of tea. Unfortunately, for this writer’s tastes, Underneath simply couldn’t rise above with it’s overall lack of melody or variation. While for some, that’s a staple of EBM and industrial, it’s just nothing new and after 13 years, we should perhaps expect more from a pioneer of the genre like DIVE.
Track list:

  1. Underneath
  2. Far Away
  3. Sacred Skin
  4. Let Me In
  5. From Behind
  6. Something
  7. Howling Ground
  8. A Man Came
  9. Melt
  10. I Want You

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