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Distorted Memory - Swallowing the SunDistorted Memory
Category: EBM / Electro
Album: Swallowing the Sun
Stars: 3
Blurb: Vicious electro beats and Middle Eastern/tribal sounds make up this album about a doomed world where man no longer reigns.


Distorted Memory comes to us from Canada and brings what is their first project in four years, Swallowing the Sun, a concept album that is aggressive as well as tribal in sound and feel. The album describes a world where nature has been eradicated by man and the entire world has spiraled into its own destruction. The world created by the music seems to be harsh and violent, brutal and unforgiving with all of man’s laws and rules thrown out in favor of survival. In some points, the album sounds refreshing and different due to the Middle Eastern sounds mixed with the dark electronic beats, but the vocals, while good, are somewhat overpowered by the music and, at times, you may find yourself struggling to hear exactly what is being said.

Mood setter and album opener “Awake Sleeping Giants” creates an atmosphere that is barren and dark; definitely a fantastic way to begin the album based on the concept Distorted Memory is working with. “Black Fields” begins in a way that almost sounds as if it is taking you on a tour through the desolate world held within Swallowing the Sun. Unfortunately, throughout points in the song, the vocals are very low and somewhat hard to hear, but immediately following is “Seven Voices of Hate,” a song that not only picks up the aggression and tempo of the album but has clear vocals and a fantastic synth and bass combination. “Hand of God” and “Silence” both show the album’s tribal and Middle Eastern sounds predominately and in these tracks, particularly “Hand of God,” it works incredibly well and gives the album itself a refreshing feel. Title track “Swallowing the Sun” begins with Middle Eastern style chanting and the vocals here are the best recorded on the album along with “Prey,” a standout track that is fast paced, vicious, and helps the overall sound of the entire album. At the end of Swallowing the Sun is a Die Sektor remix for “Hand of God” and it is a nice, well done remix that offers a heavy electro sound opposed to the album’s tribal warlike instrumentation.

Swallowing the Sun is a well done concept album with a few minor falters. The vocals in some places are almost too low for the music and it hurts the overall enjoyment of the songs, and while the tribal/ethnic sounds are interesting and different, they aren’t used as often and as well as they could have been. Overall, Distorted Memory has made the four year wait worth it for fans and listeners should definitely check out this trip to an apocalyptic dimension.
Track list:

  1. Awake Sleeping Giants
  2. Black Fields
  3. Seven Voices of Hate
  4. Hand of God
  5. Silence
  6. Swallowing the Sun
  7. Nomads
  8. Prey
  9. Raven Eyes
  10. Yahweh
  11. Hand of God (Die Sektor Remix)

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