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Distorted Memory - The Eternal ReturnDistorted Memory
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: The Eternal Return
Stars: 4
Blurb: The third offering from Canada’s dark tribal outfit capitalizes on both polar tropes of its craft, making for an intense, rhythmical, and overwhelmingly moody experience.


There is absolutely no confusion as to what The Eternal Return is meant to sound like, no identity crisis shattering the band’s vision. And yet, this third studio album is identifiably made up of two intertwining musical tissues; transparency of the outer shell, moody and mysterious, allows the listener to delve deep into the inner structures of the record, rich in catchy reverberating electro hooks.

The opening “In the Heart of Your Fire” presents itself as a rather rare and truly enchanting blend of heavy drums, setting the pace in the background and lighter string driven melodies providing a lively finish without ever colliding with each other or mixing into a noisy quasi witch house concoction. The song might indeed emerge from the dark pit of clinging ambient noises, but its sudden awakening is spectacular, its heartbeat palpable and powerfully driving the music forward. Just when the listener settles in certainty of expectations of what the album is set to deliver, “Lose Control” introduces ingredients both unpredictable and hugely enjoyable. The oppressive heavy curtain of dark gothic atmosphere is challenged and penetrated by the dynamic beats and synthesizers cheerfully evoking the danceable aesthetics of light electro. The vocals retain their growling furious quality throughout the record, but the fragile musicality is never overwhelmed by neither Pilipow’s pitch nor the intensifying layers of ambient that fill most of the tracks. Many of the songs approach a pop-like quality of writing and production. “Back Away” in mid-section simplifies its flow and pauses for a reverie of euphoric synths, but even with those shifts in atmosphere, Distorted Memory easily backtracks to the myriad of distant, haunting sounds on “White Light (Dark Hope)” and the dangerously infectious intensity of “Let Hate Be Yours.” With the passing of the final notes on the closing “Fall,” the experience of the album begins to feel at once cleansing, calming, and irrevocable.

With a surprisingly approachable construction of all songs, the Canadian outfit finally has a clear and transcendental winner. The clarity of the revelation that is The Eternal Return is overshadowed only by the logic applied by Distorted Memory to the traits of electro and the denser and more mysterious elements of tribal, ambient, and IDM. The band has masterfully eliminated all the unnecessary sonic clutter and created an album that retains the moody, dizzying atmosphere of previous works without ever sacrificing the rhythm or the soothing quality of the music.
Track list:

  1. In the Heart of Your Fire
  2. Lose Control
  3. Throwing Stones
  4. Back Away
  5. White Light (Dark Hope)
  6. Let Hate Be Yours
  7. Becoming Winter
  8. On Our Wisdom
  9. Fall

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