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Displacer - FoundationDisplacer
Category: Experimental / Ambient / IDM
Album: Foundation
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A much more lively adventure from this talented Toronto IDM act.


A little over a year since the release of 2011’s excellent, but incredibly somber Night Gallery, Toronto’s Displacer returns with a new album and a new label, but the same deep, smooth style. Previously very much at home in Tympanik Audio’s artist lineup, it seems the move to Hymen Records has heralded a mild change in vision for the act as Displacer branches out and incorporates some extra flavor into its IDM stew.

While still stylistically not a massive departure for the act, Foundation proves to be a much different experience than its predecessor thanks in part to it being less thematic, but also much less somber and emotionally distressing. Tracks such as “Distress Call” could be called almost chipper and energetic while still maintaining the relaxing flow the artist’s style cultivates so well. There’s also an interesting merging of influences as subtle nods to other artists and genres such as trance and mid ‘90s electronica acts like Future Sounds of London or Aphex Twin seem to pop into tracks like “Square Parts” and “Outland.” The sinister gloom of previous work still makes an appearance in the “Ghosts” tracks and “Leviathan,” but Foundation in general feels like a much more well rounded album, taking the listener on an emotional journey rather than seeming to wallow in one specific emotional state.

With Foundation, it absolutely feels like Displacer is pushing its own boundaries, offering a lively and varied album that still manages to be relaxing and exudes surprising warmth. While some may find themselves missing the overarching theme present in previous releases, Foundation feels like an aptly named album upon which many lovely, engaging, and exciting new albums are sure to be built.
Track list:

  1. Dark Star
  2. The Waiting Place
  3. Totally
  4. Red Sky
  5. Ghosts Part 1
  6. Moonrise
  7. Firebug
  8. Distress Call
  9. Spare Parts
  10. Ghosts Part 2
  11. Outland
  12. Warbound
  13. We’ll Watch It Burn
  14. Leviathan

Displacer Website http://www.dsplcr.com
Displacer MySpace http://www.myspace.com/displacer
Displacer Facebook https://www.facebook.com/displacermusic
Hymen Records Website http://www.hymen-records.com
Hymen Records MySpace http://www.myspace.com/hymenrecords#!
Hymen Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hymenrecords
Hymen Records Bandcamp http://hymen-records.bandcamp.com
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