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Diskonnekted - Hotel ExistenceDiskonnekted
Category: Industrial / Electro / EBM
Album: Hotel Existence
Stars: 3
Blurb: A mass of electronic styles from EBM to dubstep that cannot be pinpointed or clearly defined.


Jan Dewulf has taken a four year hiatus from his brainchild Diskonnekted since his last release and after that long wait, he has returned with Hotel Existence. Drawing inspiration from a novel by acclaimed author Paul Auster, Hotel Existence blends various electronic genres in each track and rolls them into one musical melting pot. Some tracks combine dubstep with EBM while others combine industrial with drum & bass, bearing some interesting results. The vocals are ethereal and often also effected to match well in each track, giving them a futuristic, almost sci-fi feeling when paired with the electronic beats.

Kicking off Hotel Existence is the alternative infused “Yesteryears,” a track that boasts some light rhythm guitars, the vocals almost sounding like that of a loud whisper combined with light electric effects. “Conspiracy” picks up the pace a little bit and is a bit more aggressive in the synth and drums department, the vocals paced a little faster but retaining their ethereal presence. Album standout “Razorsharpshooter” also lives on the aggressive side when it comes to instrumentation that boasts a glitchy collection of synths with horror-like pads and constant stuttering vocal effects. “Dark Place” and “Empty” both slow down the pace of the album with “Dark Place” featuring heavy dubstep bass and breaks along with some guitar and ambience while “Empty” strips all of this away in favor of dark pads and pianos. “Little Darkness” is a club ready dance infused track that combines glitchy electronics with light guitars and steady drums, as is “Stuck in One Universe” with the notable difference being its hip-hop like rhythm and vocal samples. Hotel Existence ends with the drum & bass/dubstep combo of “Tunnel Vision,” a track that also has an alternative styled guitar riff amid its overall electro presentation.

Hotel Existence isn’t necessarily perfect; the vocals never really go past first gear and the style of the album could draw serious comparisons to other dubstep heavy releases by some of Diskonnekted’s peers in recent times. However, there is much quality present here. Some tracks combine multiple styles beautifully while others may seem a bit standard, but the experimentation and bravery to attempt such a feat is definitely cause to take notice. The formula here isn’t executed to perfection, but it could be and Diskonnekted’s fans will not be disappointed by the exciting new direction of the music. One can only hope another four year hiatus will not stand between the band and the further exploration of this direction.
Track list:

  1. Yesteryears
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Justify
  4. Razorsharpshooter
  5. Dark Place (ft. GNY)
  6. Empty
  7. Sunblind
  8. Little Darkness
  9. Neverland
  10. Stuck in One Universe
  11. To Have and to Hold (Album Version)
  12. Justify (Short Reprise)
  13. Dalloway’s Journey (ft. Lemongrazz)
  14. Tunnel Vision

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