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Dim Past - Black DolphinDim Past
Category: EDM / House / Techno
Album: Black Dolphin
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Utilizing archaic equipment and eschewing the status quo, Dim Past brings out the raver in us all with this promising techno-fueled debut.


It’s pretty difficult to get any more techno than red dreadlocks and owning the whole D.I.Y. demeanor in Florida, but that’s exactly what Brad Lovett’s solo project Dim Past is tackling. In an attempt to revitalize the electronic dance scene, the forward-thinking 30 minutes of sonic euphoria in Black Dolphin boasts a rejection of laptops, aptly dubbed “occult electronics.”

The hypnotic “Ghostlord Masterclock” swishes, swirls, and hoots through a murky bass assault while “Spectre in Wire” progressively becomes a messy yet entrancing sea of electric heartbeats on the verge of having a seizure, but in a good way. The perpetual barrage of antiquated alien pulses and cymbal crashes are what made techno and house so bewitching in the first place, and it’s back again. The act’s lo-fi stride takes full form in the addictive upbeat lament in “Night Shade” as a percussive downpour and warped looping bellows aid it as the highlight of the EP. While the brilliance in “Winter for the Machine” is finally revealed with an introspective ‘80s new wave inspired quality, the cacophonous chirps can be a little baffling for some; it comes off as a filler that does eventually subside, but it takes away from something more substantial the track is trying to accomplish.

Ditching the scene’s deep attachment with intuitive computer programs, Black Dolphin approaches electronic dance music in a rather intriguingly organic fashion. While it’s understandable to be inclined to believe that the audacious denouncement of modern equipment is merely a ploy for attention, rest assured that the highly contagious energy backs it up and is a favorable start for Dim Past’s bright future.
Track list:

  1. Ghostlord Masterclock
  2. Spectre in Wire
  3. Night Shade
  4. Winter for the Machine

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