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Digicore - Without FreedomDigicore
Category: Industrial / Punk / Metal
Album: Without Freedom
Stars: 3
Blurb: Hardly the most original formula, but one that still screams with furious industrial and punk fury.


The merger of industrial and punk music is certainly nothing new in this day and age; granted, industrial started similarly to punk as a means of combating the musical status quo. Both deal with issues of political and social upheaval backed by a wall of grating sonic distortions and in-your-face attitude. Emerging from the mire is Digicore, the brainchild of Danny Carnage, whose Mohawk-sporting brand of industrialized punk delivers a shot of pure adrenaline-laced vitriol that will surely remind listeners of early ‘90s industrial rock as much as the punk rockers of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

Beginning with a famous sample from The Matrix, the sociopolitical elements are firmly set in place as “We Will Protect You” introduces the band with Carnage’s decrepit and melodic march that serves as overture to the onslaught. The title track then beats the listener into submission with a punishing beat reminiscent of gabber and S-73’s caustic metal guitars, full of revolutionary shouts, all offset by glitch-laden and melodic verses. Carnage proudly proclaims “We are the end of everything you’ve ever known” in “Cyberpunks Unite” as a gritty synth sequences and stuttering electro beats blast suddenly into a screaming chorus; an ironic statement considering Digicore’s familiar formula. Other songs like “Where Were You?,” “Parasite,” and “Chaos” employ a similar structure of violent choruses offset by heavily electrified and morose melodic verses, usually with some ominously thrumming bass from Matt Bastard. The fractured breakbeats and warbling synths of “One of Us” recall the digital hardcore of Atari Teenage Riot. Similarly, the drum & bass-influenced beats and bass of “Your World is a Lie,” complete with some spacious pads, is not too far removed from Pitchshifter.

Two remixes are included, with ChopChop transforming “We Will Fall” into a darkly ambient assault on the speakers, while 2Bit Hero’s version of “Cyberpunks Unite” presents a half-speed tempo that allows the electronic nuances to stand out. Credit should also be given to Cell, the drummer, whose precision on the skins stands up to the mechanical accompaniment. There is not much on Without Freedom that hasn’t been done before, but that’s not to say it’s a bad album by any stretch. While hardly poetic or eloquent, the lyrics are more than adequate to the band’s purposes. The synths and the beats are cleverly programmed, the samples recognizable but tasteful, and the balance between industrial atmosphere and unabashed punk fury makes for a rather appealing mix that few bands successfully accomplish.

Track list:

  1. We Will Protect You
  2. Without Freedom
  3. Obey!
  4. Cyberpunks Unite
  5. Tear It Up
  6. Where Were You?
  7. No Rest (For the Rebels)
  8. One of Us
  9. Parasite
  10. Chaos
  11. Your World is a Lie
  12. We Will Fall (Remix by ChopChop)
  13. Cyberpunks Unite (2Bit Edit by 2BitHero)

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