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Diffuzion - Winter Cities (Standard Edition)Diffuzion
Category: Darkwave / Electronica
Album: Winter Cities
Stars: 4
Blurb: A wild blend of electronica, darkwave, industrial, and EBM comprises this well done and worth the wait project.


Created in 2005, three-piece darkwave outfit Diffuzion began turning heads with a massive blend of several different forms of electronic music. After three years, they bring their next project, Winter Cities. Winter Cities is comprised of infectious, club ready bass and drums, seductive and melodic vocals that also border on harsh, and synth work that stands out and is both catchy but abnormal. At times, Diffuzion creates a sound here that borders on pop but using a bit of creativity, they steer far from it by throwing in off the wall vocals or instrumentation that avoids having their vision watered down. With a massive range, Diffuzion was able to create a project worth hearing and worth playing all the way through just to see where it takes you next. Winter Cities is definitely a trip you may want to take more than once.

The album kicks off with the darkwave and highly electro title track of the same name, which sets the tone with some dark, heavy bass and melodic vocals, as well as effected vocals in its chorus that may remind some of Front 242; a very nice opening track that will easily draw most listeners in immediately. “Dbd” is a dance track with an upward tempo, infectious electronic bass, and seductive vocals meant to lull everyone like rhythmic zombies to the dance floor. Its combination of sounds is very hypnotizing and creates a space to lose oneself in the music. “C.S.” is a track that sits on the border of electro-pop and just pop altogether, but its arrangements and vocals will pull it back from that particular fire and see it fit right at home here on Winter Cities. The same can also be said for “For the Prey,” another infectious dance track whose vocals and arrangements keep it from being a lifeless pop track and make it a fantastic electro creation. Notable track “Blind” will be sure to get everyone up and dancing with its fast tempo and wild synths; a trait it shares with “СУ-27,” a track with an even faster tempo and a high speed dance melody backed by atmospheric sounds. Diffuzion ends the album with two remixes to “C.S.” The Autodafeh remix recreates the track as more of a harsh electro track while the Acylum remix offers a more industrial sound and has growling male vocals to go along with Xev’s. Both remixes are welcome additions and neither sounds too much like the other or the original track so as to not sound like weak repetition.

Diffuzion - Winter Cities (Deluxe Edition)Whether you’re a fan of Diffuzion or not, Winter Cities has a lot to offer anyone listening. The vocals are diverse and range from harsh, to spoken whispers, to effected, and to melodic and even dark. The instrumentation is full of infectious synths, electronic bass that hypnotizes, throbbing drums, and electronic sounds that give it all an original feel. If you’re looking for some interesting new music that is well done and will force you to want to hear it over and over, look no further than Diffuzion’s Winter Cities.
Track list:

  1. Winter Cities
  2. Dbd
  3. Lace of Veins
  4. C.S.
  5. Pure Venom
  6. Dust2Dust
  7. Vogue
  8. For the Prey
  9. What Will You Do for Love
  10. She’s Machine
  11. Playing God
  12. The One
  13. Blind
  14. СУ-27
  15. C.S. (Autodafeh Mix)
  16. C.S. (Acylum Mix)

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Diffuzion SoundCloud http://www.soundcloud.com/diffuzion
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