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Die Sektor - The Final Electro SolutionDie Sektor
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: The Final Electro Solution
Stars: 4
Blurb: Kicking aggrotech up a notch with intricate programming and dubstep infused melody, Die Sektor’s latest album stands as a guiding light for the genre.


For the past decade, Die Sektor has steadily risen in the ranks of the harsh electro and aggrotech styles, with a propensity for intricate programming and arrangement while still employing catch beats and bass lines with quintessentially distorted vocals. Taking this aggressive sound to the next level, The Final Electro Solution stands as a landmark album for the band, incorporating a gitch-laden sensibility that should appeal to the current wave of dubstep aficionados without sacrificing the gritty EBM edge that fans have come to know and love.

The opening title track sets the stage with a steady buildup of synthetic atmosphere and ascending rhythms that finally burst through the speakers with an assault of melodic synth layers and Edwin Alter’s screeching vocals. It’s a high energy track that has its sights set for the dance floor while still challenging your ear drums with some excellent programming that indicates the band’s devotion to excellent electro. While the speedier pace is kept going with tracks like “Feeding Famine” with its synth melody eerily reminiscent of Ministry’s “Revenge” and “F:C-d” with its stuttering vocal manipulations and infectious bass and discordant synth arpeggios, “Archetype” takes a more relaxed pace, though the track is anything but relaxed. Squelching synths warble amid decrepit mechanical atmospheres, the vocals and samples painting a viciously disturbing picture. The instrumental “Conquest and Liberty” is another notable track with simple but effective bass and melody lines that evoke feelings of desperation and urgency, the glitches and samples tastefully arranged around rapid fire beats, while dissonant and melancholy pianos augment tracks like “Breaking the Balance” and “Pale,” both rising from humble and ambient intros to explosively energetic and malevolently abrasive displays of electro/industrial virility. The album proper ends with “The Final Electro Delusion,” offering a darkened counterpoint to the opener’s in-your-face attack and hitting the listener with an ever changing tapestry of stuttering electronics, subdued pianos, and insistent marching beats. The Final Electro Solution offers a series of remixes, though the actual track list differs depending on the region as the North American, European, and Japanese editions each have their own surprises from the likes of Cygnosic, Distorted Memory, FGFC820, SML8, and others; points for variety.

Die Sektor has crafted a fine album with The Final Electro Solution. While the signatures of the harsh electro genre are presented in abundance, the band does well to infuse a hearty helping of excellent production and thoughtful construction; each song moves fluidly and carefully guides the listener through more than the standard tropes of distorted vocals and stomping beats, with just the right amount of programmed ear candy and songwriting to ensure repeated listening beyond the dance floor. For all this, Die Sektor certainly stand as a powerful force in today’s electro/industrial scene – The Final Electro Solution is the proof.
Track list:

  1. The Final Electro Solution
  2. Feeding Famine
  3. Archetype
  4. The Just Will be Silenced (Album Version)
  5. Conquest and Liberty
  6. F:C-D
  7. Inverted Structure
  8. Nightmare
  9. Breaking the Balance
  10. Pale
  11. The Final Electro Delusion

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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  1. Damian G. says:

    Brilliant ReView Ilker- good to see it on ReGen! These guys are my personal Jesus and saviour- a band to challenge stale aesthethic and destined to grow in strenght.

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