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Die Sektor - (-)ExistenceDie Sektor
Category: Industrial / Electro / EBM
Album: (-)Existence
Stars: 4
Blurb: With an even greater infusion of glitchy programming alongside the harsh EBM and cacophonous industrial atmospheres, Die Sektor continues to forge an undeniably abrasive and utterly danceable path.


Die Sektor has made considerable strides in its sound over the past few years, having produced one of 2012’s most revered electro/industrial albums, The Final Electro Solution. That album found the band infusing an even tighter and more refined sense of sound design and arrangement into the signatures of the aggrotech and harsh EBM styles, crafting an album that was familiar to the genre enthusiasts while taking it a step toward a more modern sensibility. With (-)Existence, the band strives to continue along this evolutionary course.

Beginning with the slow paced march of acidic mechanical beats and distorted warbles of synths that lie somewhere between the territory usually occupied by guitar power chords and terror EBM bass lines, “Beneath” starts off (-)Existence with explosive force. With “Blood I,” the album picks up speed as scathing breakbeats and unrelenting bass sequences kick into high gear, samples from the Alien series resonating and adding to the already nightmarish glitch-laden cacophony. The song’s chorus takes on a menacing melodic quality that underlies Die Sektor’s musical strengths, aiming as much to get you stomping on the dance floor as to get you listening thoughtfully through headphones. The companion piece, “Blood II” takes this stylistic union a step further as it scales back the tempo to allow these more introspective elements to take center stage. Throughout the album, the band does well to leave no harsh electronic stone unturned, from the cosmic ambience that pervades through “Solder” as Edwin Alter substitutes his signature overdriven screech for a coldly emotive vocal melody, to the scrapes of cybernetic hums and vicious vocoder-drenched ambience of “Severity.” “Sum” is also notable for its juxtaposition of frigid piano arpeggios with scalding EBM sequences falling into IDM-like disarray, while “Crucifix” interweaves layers of harmonic synth lines with an ominous drumbeat, eventually picking up speed into a clever arrangement of rapid fire sequences and dark melody.

This writer gets the impression that the band is preparing itself and its audience for even weightier challenges to come, all the while maintaining the imperative to dance. (-)Existence firmly picks up where The Final Electro Solution left off, continuing along the EDM meets EBM path forged by the previous album and taken to the next step with an even greater integration of mechanized rhythmic assault and industrialized melancholic atmosphere. Alter’s pronounced use of a cleaner singing approach in tandem with the standard distorted screaming aids in the transition toward a more exploratory and musically engaging brand of electro/industrial without sacrificing any of the abrasive qualities that defined the band’s past output.
Track list:
Disc 1: Standard Edition

  1. Beneath
  2. Blood I
  3. ROM
  4. Nine
  5. Solder
  6. Crucifix
  7. Severity
  8. Unborn
  9. Sum
  10. Blood II
  11. Comatose

Disc 2: Deluxe Edition

  1. Beneath (BlakOPz Remix)
  2. Blood I (DYM Remix)
  3. ROM (Sin DNA Remix)
  4. Nine (Studio-X Remix)
  5. Beneath (Cryogen Second Remix)
  6. Blood I (Nitro/Noise Remix)
  7. ROM (Cynical Existence Remix)
  8. Nine (Sirius Remix)
  9. Beneath (Dream Recall Remix)
  10. Blood I (Frontal Boundary Remix)
  11. ROM (Die Braut Remix)
  12. Nine (Cease2Xist Remix)

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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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  1. Damian G. says:

    This is a superb closing chapter for Die Sektor’s trilogy. “Severity” is a massively abrasive concoction of beats and distortions in the vein of their previous work while the likes of “Crucifix” bring to the table a surprising abundance of emotions and dark pop melodies. It seems that sky’s the limit for Die Sektor.

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