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Die Sektor - Applied Structure in a VoidDie Sektor
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Applied Structure in a Void
Stars: 5
Blurb: A smashing, thrusting, burst of electronica that never lets up its rage and emotion.


Die Sektor is known for making powerful and emotional electro/industrial songs and not only do they rip and tear at you with every sound, but whether you want to or not, you will be forced to feel it. The wait was long for Applied Structure in a Void, but it was well worth it. This album is harsh, angry, powerful, and pulsating, with great shouting vocals and ambience in some tracks, and fantastic production that definitely projects, which means you can bet whatever you were meant to feel from each track you most definitely will feel. Die Sektor does a fine job of making sure no one track goes on too long or is too repetitive, keeping the songs moving at a fast to steady pace. Once you’re done with this one, you’ll want to play it again just to hear all the different textures in the instrumentation.

The band tears open dimensions of sound with the album opener “Accelerant” and true to its name, this song comes in fast and hard, beating and thrashing, almost inciting a riot inside of the listener. The vocals are beautifully harsh and you’ll be repeating the chorus along with it. “Fall to the Noise” is slower and more melodic and has great electronic keys and industrial sounds throughout that are absolutely epic to hear, while “Death at First Light” is an ambient instrumental track that slows down the pace of the album to take you to other worlds off the waves of its sounds. “First Murder After the Flood” is an extreme standout that starts slowly with various instrumentation and slowly builds to its heavy and loud, booming middle and end sections. The build is steady and once the entire track builds to the vocals and beyond, it is sure to warrant a replay from any listener. Album ender “Divide to Dust” is also incredibly notable, a track that features everything that makes this album great: ambience, great electronica keys, hard and harsh electro vocals, and pulsating drums. Here the album comes to a fantastic supernova sized climax that leaves you with a whisper and makes you want for more after it has ended.

It took Die Sektor four years to create Applied Structure in a Void and it is obvious that the band worked hard. The album is brutal, beautiful, dark, vibrant, and unwavering in its approach. From start to finish, Die Sektor takes you on a ride that never lets up and never leaves the listener bored. You will thank yourself for listening to this album and you’d be doing yourself a disservice as a Die Sektor fan or an industrial fan in general if this album isn’t given some of your attention.
Track list:

  1. Accelerant
  2. Dissector
  3. Fall to the Noise
  4. Heaven Sent – Hell Embraced
  5. Death at First Light
  6. Corpus Accido
  7. In His Mercy All Will Perish
  8. Bleed Till the Last Light Flickers
  9. First Murder After the Flood
  10. Infernal
  11. Divide to Dust

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  1. Damian G. says:

    Best album of 2011- an act with identity so unmistakable and energy so pure, aggressive and raw that to this day I rarely go through a day without listening to one of the songs from Applied Structure…

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