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Die Rostigen Löffel - Dieses Album Macht SchlankDie Rostigen Löffel
Category: Industrial
Album: Dieses Album Macht Schlank
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A brief sampling from this eclectic act that will leave their followers and the uninitiated a bit puzzled.


With two albums, an EP, and a plethora of remix work under its belt, Die Rostigen Löffel returns with a free four track album. Employing the talents of Front Line Assembly alumni Chris Peterson to produce this series of tracks, Dieses Album Macht Schlank shows a wild departure from Die Rostigen Löffel’s previous efforts. Though this acts as an interesting glimpse at this German act’s possible new direction, the band almost seems to be pigeonholing itself and eliminating their universal appeal with this effort or playing a practical joke on their fan base.

The heavy chugging guitar and slow steady beat of “Wer schoener ist als ich, ist eh geschminkt” immediately shows Die Rostigen Löffel getting away from its more recent spastic, bizarre, and experimental work in favor of a more structured and straightforward electo/rock approach. The act’s strange sense of humor seems to persist lyrically and title-wise as evidenced by the album title, which roughly translates to “This Album Makes You Slim.” Unfortunately, the album is entirely in German, leaving those unfamiliar with the language largely out in the cold. Adding to this problem is the relatively somber and apathetic feel permeating the album, leaving the listener thinking the work must be parody.

In this four track sampler, Die Rostigen Löffel shows a side of their act where a large part of their charm is lost on non-German speaking audiences. This in itself is obviously not a condemnation of the work, but it’s such a large change from the plucky and bizarre work found as recently as their last EP, Artificial Stupidity, that those who have followed them are sure to be a bit confused. Certainly, this overall sound is more refined and polished, but it’s also rather drab and lifeless, but it’s entirely possible that this whole release in itself was meant to be an experiment or a joke.
Track list:

  1. Wer schoener ist als ich, ist eh geschminkt
  2. Dieses Lied macht schlank
  3. Parasit
  4. Kopie einer Kopie

Die Rostigen Löffel Website http://www.dierostigenloeffel.de
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Die Rostigen Löffel Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Die-Rostigen-L%C3%B6ffel/215184725173297
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