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Diaphane - LifeformsDiaphane
Category: Ambient / Experimental / IDM
Album: Lifeforms
Stars: 4
Blurb: A sophisticated and enigmatic odyssey of ambitious experimental electronica that takes this French virtuoso’s vision to another level.


For the past few years, former Ab Ovo counterpart Régis Baillet has been making some quite progressive steps in his solo career. Not only has he been blurring genre lines and appealing to a more mature, experimental crowd under the volatile outlet Diaphane, but he has also been offering multiple layers of aural depth to the thriving live interpretive dance scene in France. Further building upon the mystery and addictive cadences of 2010’s Samdhya, Baillet sees himself reaching a higher emotional plane with the serene and dire soundscapes in the otherworldly Lifeforms.

Turning the energy up a notch while also reassuring of a continued effort, melancholic modern classical touches meet fluctuations resembling robotic sobs in the urgent intro, “L’eau Vive.” The increasingly sinister “Iridium” follows the same path as tamed IDM and controlled cello strokes become defied by noxious guitar like grinds and industrial clanks. Syncopated bursts of dubstep and drum & bass help carry “Fracture” as one of Diaphane’s most energized and perhaps most infectious tracks yet. It’s also a great example of dubstep done right – complementary and not inundating. The album continues to go through a very cinematic, somber frequency with tracks like “Sources” and “Interstice” creating more downtime and complex, introspective atmospheres. The standout in “Rhizomes” goes from tense piano strokes and ghostly vocals to an aggressive glitchy rhythm, while “Lifeforms” elaborates on droning alien shrieks and bellows before listeners are sent away with a celestial lament in “Opalescence.”

Proceeding where Samdhya left off and inventively adding new elements in approachable doses, Lifeforms serves as a strikingly graceful symbiosis of modern classical and electronic composition. Régis Baillet’s second outing not only suggests a long and generative musical career, but also further helps elevate electronica as a relevant art form with emotional gravitas. Ambient, IDM, and even dubstep devotees seeking something significantly more thoughtful and challenging owe it to themselves to get absorbed by this provocative rarity.
Track list:

  1. L’eau Vive
  2. Iridium
  3. Fracture
  4. Sources
  5. Interstice
  6. Rhizomes
  7. Microline
  8. Lifeforms
  9. Metastable
  10. Opalescence

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