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Dexy Corp_ - Uchronopolis
Dexy Corp_
Category: Industrial
Album: Uchronopolis
Stars: 3
Blurb: You don’t need to follow the storyline to appreciate this album’s chugging industrial metal riffs.


French industrial rock act Dexy Corp_’s newest full-length release, Uchronopolis is an ambitious concept album, a story of rebellion in a steampunk-inspired totalitarian city-state. Influenced by such films as Dark City, Brazil, and of course Blade Runner, it’s a cool concept for an album and one eminently suited to the group’s style of sample-laced chugging industrial metal. Ultimately though, it’s just a diversion from the real attraction. Though spoken announcements and instrumental interludes blending Dixieland jazz with distorted electronics help cement Uchronopolis together as a complete work of art, the songs do just fine standing on their own. With vocals screamed through layers of distortion and guitar riffs chugging over thumping, occasionally glitching rhythms, songs like “Tainted Cortex” and “Nero’s Dream” borrow from American-style coldwave in the vein of Acumen Nation, complete with occasional bad acid trip wah-wah pedals and stuttering electronic beats. “Black Flash” and “Exodus” are tighter, raw yet controlled, with fist-pumping bursts and bellows broken up with tense pauses, while “Lockdown” moves into Marilyn Manson territory with its slower groove and sneering robotic vocals. It’s all appealingly abrasive, the vocals always threatening to burst into uncontrolled rage but just barely restrained by tight guitar work and precision electronics. Uchronopolis is a narrative journey, yes, but more importantly a musical one, paying sonic homage to industrial metal both classic and modern.
Track list:

  1. Welcome to Uchronopolis
  2. Black Flash
  3. Tainted Cortex
  4. Revenge
  5. Totalitarize Me
  6. The Great Parade for Monkeys
  7. A Birth
  8. ExUtero
  9. Exodus
  10. An Exile
  11. Day of the Hatred
  12. Lockdown
  13. No Tears
  14. Nero’s Dream
  15. Hyber-Nation
  16. Uchronopolis

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