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De/Vision - Rockets and SwordsDe/Vision
Category: Synthpop
Album: Rockets and Swords
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Standard and forgettable affair with a few bright spots sprinkled in, but not enough to warrant notoriety.


Since 1993, De/Vision has been mustering up catchy synthpop melodies every one to one-and-a-half years and 2012’s Rockets and Swords is no different. The same somber soft vocal melodies, dance heavy drums, ambient pads, and of course synths that just won’t quit. However, this one comes off as a middle of the road, almost good album. Rockets and Swords likely won’t standout too much from earlier De/Vision releases, but with a few shining moments and a few tracks that jump out of the speakers and into the ears, it’s still something nice for fans of the band, though it won’t rouse any detractors. Opening on a notable note with “Boy Toy,” with a catchy sway to its synths and drums as the vocals lull about and create a personality all its own. “Superhuman” has the euphoric background pads that brighten up the track nicely as the vocals will easily get stuck in your head because of the simple melody and the bouncy electronics that surround them. “Beauty of Decay” is one of the darker offerings on the album and has various bleeps and clicks in its background that give it a sense of vastness until its chorus that fires up some ambient dark synths, bringing the song full circle. “Binary Solider” is the up-tempo star of the album and its synths and vocals give it an epic, sci-fi quality that you most likely won’t be able to ignore. After “Want to Believe” brings the album down to a crawl with a ballad style presentation, the tempo is brought back to moderate with “Bipolar.” However, it doesn’t stick out any more than the tracks before. Once you approach the conclusion of Rockets and Swords, it becomes a little obvious that the album is a bit mundane and almost seems as if the band was holding back. With a few standout tracks and the others seemingly filler songs, the album leaves you without necessarily fulfilling your musical desires. De/Vision has a massive catalog that spans quite a few years of material, but unfortunately, unless you’re a hardcore fan, this one will be easily forgettable.
Track list:

  1. Boy Toy
  2. Superhuman
  3. Beauty of Decay
  4. Brotherhood of Man
  5. Stargazer
  6. Binary Soldier
  7. Want to Believe
  8. Bipolar
  9. Mystified
  10. Running All Night

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