Jun 2011 16

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Category: Synthpop / Electronica
Album: Popgefahr
Stars: 4
Blurb: Synthpop innovators De/Vision raise the year’s collective electronica bar with their 11th studio album with absolutely no signs of letting up.


Thomas Adam and Steffen Keth, otherwise known as the core of De/Vision, continue onward with their signature styled synthpop/electronica that had left us longing for more after 2007’s Noob. The steady and seamless rhythmic pace from one De/Vision album to the next once again resurfaces with the transition from Noob to Popgefahr. This latest addition to the band’s library effortlessly fills the already superb musical template that the band has managed to niche out over their over 20-year-long career.

The album title is obscurely translated into English as “Danger of Pop,” and the music that this disc possesses spans a wide spectrum of electro-pop that can be truthfully accepted as playfully dangerous. Sarcastic yet gently brooding lyrics fill in the electronica drive that makes up the backbone of the music throughout Popgefahr. The balance of cynical wit and calculated instrumental production value provides a listen that is not only pleasant to meander through at your leisure, but also engages you more so than that of most of today’s typical synthpop album. Subtleties within the text and subtext riddle practically every song on the album, somberly spoken and sung in the engaging manner that De/Vision is well known for. The challenge here, as with almost every De/Vision album, is to walk away from each song without it consistently resonating in your head afterward. Popgefahr carries on De/Vision’s tradition of drawing you in immediately with a winning combination of lyrical wordplay mixed with an infectious and oddly energetic pace, and rest assured that you will become addicted.

The echoed reverberation and seriousness that begets the introductory track “mAndroids” sets the tone for what we already know to be a great ride. This can be assessed on previous De/Vision listening experiences as well through the obviously elevated levels of creativity and musical craftsmanship that this latest installment brings forth. Whether you are absorbed by lighthearted and bouncy, danceable rhythms such as on “Flash of Light” or drawn to the more somber and relaxed tempo of “Plastic Heart” or the ballad-esque “What’s Love All About?,” it’s hard not to become engaged and entertained while listening to Popgefahr. The band’s declared singles from the album, “Rage” and “Time to be Alive” provide wonderful examples of the band’s lyrical and stylistic diversity. Songs like “Ready to Die” reminisce of the band’s earlier works, once again establishing the flow of sound consistency from one De/Vision album to the next. Finishing with the hauntingly beautiful “Until the End of Time” completes the album’s journey, leaving you hanging and instantly needing to hear more. Aurally rich and creatively brilliant, Popgefahr manages to elevate De/Vision out of the masses of electronic acts out today and shows us what true modern-day synthpop can still have to offer.
Track list:

  1. mAndroids
  2. Rage (Album Version)
  3. What’s Love All About?
  4. Time to be Alive (Album Version)
  5. Plastic Heart
  6. Be a Light to Yourself
  7. Ready to Die
  8. Flash of Life
  9. Twisted Story
  10. Until the End of Time

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