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Desdemona - EndorphinsDesdemona
Category: Industrial
Album: Endorphins
Stars: 3
Blurb: A boisterous and explosive new, multipurpose direction for this Polish act that just powers through its problems.


Formed by a group of friends in 1996, but now only releasing their fourth full-length album, Desdemona’s career seems to have been on a slow burn due to a long series of roster adjustments. With Endorphins, this Polish unit unveils a new style and new lead singer as their transition from a gothic tone to a more dark industrial rock led to a parting of ways with their former vocalist. With this new direction and lineup, there is absolutely a new energy and enthusiasm bursting from the album, but there are also a lot of problems one would not expect from an act that’s been around this long.

The first of these issues is obvious right from the get go as “Bring It All” starts off with the very clichéd air raid siren and countdown before things really get moving. While not terribly original or revolutionary, the song still generally gives a good feel for the new slower, more methodical industrial rock style Desdemona has moved towards, and with the sultry female vocals, plenty of comparisons to acts such as I:Scintilla or KidneyThieves are sure to be had. With tracks such as “desDREAM” and “Devil’s Game,” issues with the audio mix of the album also become painfully apparent as things seem mixed overly loud, causing mild distortion that may have been intended to add intensity, but instead just makes the music feel amateurish. Even with these problems, Desdemona’s mix of goth, rock, and industrial works exceptionally well, mixing synth, chugging guitar riffs, and solid beats to make music great for dancing or for fist pumping, and tracks like “Jealous Sky” and “In Flames” really exemplify this musical multipurpose appeal. Lastly, while it absolutely does not fit in on the album whatsoever, “Euphoria” and its integration of dubstep elements to produce an exceptionally poppy, fairly mainstream sounding song must be pointed out for really showing off not only how lovely their new vocalist’s voice can be, but also just how good Desdemona can be at putting together complex and creative structures. It doesn’t fit, but it certainly does impress.

Despite its problems, there is still a level of energy and infectiousness to Endorphins that makes it hard not to enjoy. In terms of production and creativity it’s easy to see how many could find the album a bit disappointing especially when compared with some of Desdemona’s previous work or even what is found in “Euphoria,” but when it comes to just wanting a hard rocking, high energy, and very danceable album, Endorphins definitely will not let you down.
Track list:

  1. Bring In All
  2. desDREAM
  3. Poison
  4. Jealous Sky
  5. Devil’s Game
  6. Sorrow
  7. Lets Play Love
  8. In Flames
  9. Euphoria
  10. XXX

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