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Der Prosector - Egregious EPDer Prosector
Category: Coldwave / Industrial / Rock
Album: Egregious EP
Blurb: True to its title, this debut EP from Der Prosector brings together four seasoned luminaries of punk and industrial scenes to create a reminder of the cold brutalism of ‘90s coldwave.


Bridging their creative talents across the Atlantic, the four members of the U.S./U.K. band Der Prosector have cut their teeth in various bands and outlets, making this band one with a great deal of history and capability. With the debut Egregious EP, the quartet of Ged Denton, Jules Seifert, Digby Denton, and Neil Hester has crafted five songs of hard hitting coldwave that hearkens back to the ‘90s heyday when the sneering edge of punk/rock and the cold brutalism of electro/industrial first enthralled a new generation of rivetheads.

“Sun Dogs” begins the proceedings with muscular bass lines and thrashy breakbeats the likes of which are immediately reminiscent of Ged’s earlier work in Cyber-Tec Project, while Digby’s virulent vocals recall some of the mid ‘90s era Front Line Assembly. The track is plenty danceable with a bit of latter day EBM energy, with the shrill guitars in the chorus adding just enough roughness to keep things from sounding too polished. The song is presented in three accompanying remixes, with Seifert’s own 2Bit Heroes mix and the DigitalMetal mix both slowing it down into eerier and more atmospheric versions that are quickly eclipsed by the final Scere remix; with a ghostly female vocal accompaniment that gives the track a bluesy quality that blends surprisingly well with the dub like vocal effects and complex rhythms, it makes for one of the EP’s most divergent and interesting tracks. Other tracks follow suit with “Subject 7” being particularly notable for its insistent bass line and booming guitars, while “The Instrument” and especially “MotherHack” both sound like a mashup of the best elements of Front Line Assembly and Cubanate with urgent dance beats and scratchy guitars, the latter having a bass line that immediately recalls “Resist.” As well, “Strangled” couples caustic electronics with an infectious bass drone, while the raspy vocal hooks have a distinctly revolutionary ‘80s punk feel.

The Egregious EP certainly lives up to its title as Der Prosector comes out of the gate swinging with some good old fashioned dirty coldwave that takes no prisoners. Much should be expected from a group of seasoned veterans like those that comprise this band, and Der Prosector more than delivers on that promise. If you like your industrial grimy with an uncompromising and in-your-face punk/rock attitude, then Der Prosector is sure to deliver greater things for you in the years to come.
Track list:

  1. Sun Dogs
  2. Strangled
  3. The Instrument
  4. Subject 7
  5. MotherHack [2017]
  6. Sun Dogs [2Bit Heroes Edit]
  7. Sun Dogs [DigitalMetal Mix]
  8. Sun Dogs [Scere Remix]

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