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Demolka - DemolkaDemolka
Category: Electro / Punk
Album: Demolka
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Enigmatic punk entity who is as tiring to listen to as it is intriguing to scrutinize and impossible to engage with.


It’s an album of impossibilities for the duo from Poland. Debuting with self-titled release Demolka, they arrive on the unprepared scene with wit and energy, but it is doubtful that their music, stripped of the intellectual capacity encapsulated in their lyrics, can successfully appeal to the international electro/punk crowd.

Demolka to an extent relies on the chaotic, free flowing arrangements that initially carry a strong, potent load of energy. Fitting is the band’s name, that translates as an act of playful destruction both linguistically and musically. On “Ja/Nie Ja,” their anarchic zest becomes quickly apparent, but as the fabric of the eclectic electronic sound begins to engage with the listener, the angst-ridden female vocal unsympathetic to any hint of rhythm or tonality begins to be bent on proving just how uncompromising and artful Demolka is. The same lack of consideration for audience’s patience is displayed on “Zing Bang Punk” and “Osobliwość,” which in the same fashion try to combine what is essentially un-combinable – a dissonance between quirky electronica and unpleasant shriek that albeit a fitting match for the lyrics filled with dystopic vistas of pre-apocalyptic tomorrow is in desperate need of restraint.

When Demolka manages to channel this energy more effectively, like on the pulsating “Święto Wiosny” and the jazzy “Kosmos,” they prove that they posses an impressive resourcefulness. Not only is their brand of electro/punk a fitting and effective extension of punk rock but the addition of unexpected elements like swirling layers of glitches that form an intriguing beat in “Dziewczyna Rakieta” or the presence of acoustic instruments like saxophone add to the overall unpredictability of their first release. On “Linia” and “Szkarłatny Świt,” the appreciation of retro disco is so infectious that one is ready to forgive that Demolka is unable to sustain it. But because for every surprising development there is a shocking and annoying misstep, their album is impossible to openly recommend. As it progresses, those pleasant distracting elements become unable to camouflage the sad truth that Demolka runs on one note and exhausts it to the point of being tedious long before the closing track.

Despite the impressive handling of some non-indigenous elements, Demolka remains heavily reliant on proven punk traits – music shifting into unpleasant cacophony and vocals that are never more than a mechanism of delivering a subversive message. Soaked in the ominous terminology of sci-fi and dealing with the diminishing role of flesh and humanity, Demolka deserves the band’s genre affiliation but is only worth your attention if you don’t crave coherence and aren’t scared of having your patience continuously challenged.
Track list:

  1. Ja / Nie Ja
  2. Coś
  3. Linia
  4. Szkarłatny Świt
  5. Święto Wiosny
  6. DR
  7. Zing Bang Punk
  8. Kosmos
  9. Osobliwość
  10. Probówka
  11. Demolka

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Damian Glowinkowski (DamienG)

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