Jun 2011 16

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Delicate Noise
Category: Electronic
Album: Filmezza Remixes
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Delicate Noise creates a companion piece to their second album with less than enough intrigue to work on its own.


Mark Andrushko, known now for a number of years as Delicate Noise, possesses the talent of creating electronic soundscapes that capture the imagination. Atmospheric and offbeat melodic waves of sound reveal Andrushko’s vision with a warm sensitivity and honesty about them. The release of his second album, Filmezza, marked a pinnacle point regarding truly coming together with his own musical distinctiveness. Here he managed to explore ambient music on terms that were clearly defined as his own showing a wonderfully balanced array of hope and gloom. Highlighting five select songs from this album, Filmezza Remixes quickly follows with the intention of altering the tracks as a creative group project, but it’s one that falls short of being more than just a nice companion piece to the album itself. This assemblage of reworks from seven separate artists doesn’t seize the same type of intrigue that Andrushko is capable of harnessing when making a full-length album on his own. Filmezza Remixes slowly takes away from itself more with each passing track, and when all is said and done, you realize that the core songs were more than enough to entertain.

The bulk of noteworthy remixes falls on the introductory track and the three remakes of “Pheromones” that follow. France’s Jauzas the Shining elevates the track “Butterfly Envy” a great deal away from the original, creating a version that pays homage to Andrushko’s base with enough difference to solidify it as a solidly made stripped-down electro piece. Next, Toronto’s Knowing Looks takes first stab at the “Pheromones” trilogy on the album, creating a down-tempo rhythmic pace that works well with the core track. Japan’s Sunao reworks the same song with an accent on the cold emptiness of the original, highlighted with an eclectic mixture of sporadic sounds and samples. The last version of the song, remixed this time by Iceland’s Document One, pales in comparison to the preceding two for lack of remarkableness. Still a fairly good take on the song, it preludes what is to come from here on. The music begins to hold more and more lackluster appeal, drowning into itself with the Heinrich Dressel remix of “Lush and Coated with Words and Birds,” a song that simply weaves in and out without eventfulness. The 10-20 remix of “Beware of Digital Children” has creative and cleverly crafted moments, but it quickly leaves us with the uninspired Tension Co. remake of “Astronauts in Training.” The electro-acoustic minimalism that the Spanish producer offers to the song leaves one wondering why it of all tracks was chosen as the finale to the album.

As an album on its own it remains respectable to see such a wide collection of artists try to put a new face on the works of Delicate Noise. That’s where it unfortunately ends with Filmezza Remixes.
Track list:

  1. Butterfly Envy (Jauzas the Shining Remix)
  2. Pheromones (Knowing Looks Remix)
  3. Pheromones (Sunao Remix)
  4. Pheromones (Document One Remix)
  5. Lush and Coated with Words and Birds (Heinrich Dressel Remix)
  6. Beware of Digital Children (10-20 Remix)
  7. Astronaut in Training (Tension Co. Remix)

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