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Dekad - MonophonicDekad
Category: EBM / Synthpop
Album: Monophonic
Stars: 4
Blurb: An unassuming and mild mannered take on synthpop that is unfortunately easy to overlook.


Dekad’s 2008 album, Confidential Tears was one of the more pleasant surprises of that year; now this French act attempts to follow up that success with its third full-length album, Monophonic. Moving forward in a more stripped down state, in sound and in members as it goes from being a trio to continuing on as a solo project, Dekad focuses on a back-to-basics, synth-rich presentation that may not be terribly showy, but makes up for it with a good ear for instrumentation and strong composition.

Landing somewhere between synthpop and EBM, Dekad doesn’t feature over the top crooning or a heavy dance floor focus, but offers enough of both to keep things interesting for fans of either genre. Relying mostly on deep reverberating synth lines, half-whispered, half-sung vocals, and a steady pulsing rhythm, Dekad shows impressive range with the few tools it chooses to employ. Strong songwriting takes relatively simple tracks like “Hands Over Me” or “Dirty Princess” and makes them memorable, while other tracks like “Don’t Try” or “Darkest Days” seem to almost massage the listener’s ears with the all-encompassing rumble of its synths. The only moderately showy track of the album, “So Sorry” brings in a guest female vocalist for an expertly arranged duet that is worked in so naturally that it feels like she’s been there throughout the rest of the album. There are a few moments in tracks such as “No Time for It” where things become a bit too spartan, but the vocals still manage to mostly carry these moments and keep them from growing dull.

The sad reality is Dekad’s biggest flaw is easily its lack of the attention grabbing elements standard in most synthpop and EBM acts. Monophonic is not a flashy album and is more the type of album that sneaks up on the listener, winning them over slowly. Its strength is its subtlety and its ability to present warm and welcoming music that is best described as comfortable. Other albums may have their flash and sparkle, but Monophonic is the sort of album you turn to again and again after the latest and greatest starts to lose its luster.
Track list:

  1. New Religion
  2. Untouchable
  3. Darkest Days
  4. Hands Over Me
  5. So Sorry
  6. What If
  7. Don’t Try
  8. Sometimes
  9. No Time for It
  10. Dirty Princess
  11. Monophonic

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