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Decree - FatelessDecree
Category: Industrial
Album: Fateless
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: A downright stunning return from this Front Line Assembly alumni.


Nearly seven years since the release of Moment of Silence, Front Line Assembly veteran Chris Peterson returns with the vicious and powerful Fateless. Spawned from the early ‘90s collaboration with Rhys Fulber, Will, Decree is the spiritual successor to that great ritualistic electronic act. Known for thick unrelenting rhythmic noise, in this outing Decree has incorporated more rock elements giving the sound more versatility and preventing the punishing weight of the music from becoming too much for the listener to bear.

“Fateless” quickly shows off Decree’s rejuvenated style, with their signature thick, noisy beats, chaotic sound, and harsh flesh tearing vocals are complemented by subtle guitar work and a more traditional song structure. Slowing things down a bit and providing a bit of a breather from the intense opening track, “The Prey” and “The World Enslaves” still offer a throbbing, sinister, and unsettling sound. The album proceeds to ebb and flow between blisteringly wicked and hauntingly
eerie moments that keep the listener deliciously on edge, forcibly seizing their attention. This all builds to the crescendo of “Finite Years,” which exudes a relentless power that will leave the listener foaming at the mouth wanting more.

Though its previous work was a bit of an acquired taste, Fateless is easily Decree’s finest and most accessible release to date. The newly infused rock elements and the less experimental song structures allow Decree’s unique and powerful sound to really shine. Blending the chaotic noise, the ritualistic overtones, the subtle rock elements, and the downright savage style, Fateless is an awe inspiring work that shows Decree at the top of its game.

Track list:

  1. Fateless
  2. The Prey
  3. The World Enslaves
  4. Bloodthirst
  5. Night and Fog
  6. Into the Light
  7. Arrogance
  8. Faded Glory
  9. Finite Years

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