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Deconbrio - The Art of Violation: Part OneDeconbrio
Category: Coldwave / Industrial / Metal
Album: The Art of Violation: Part One
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Demonstrating a well developed and virulent sense of song craft and production, Deconbrio’s latest EP is an excellent display of in-your-face and aggressive coldwave.


Deconbrio has been languishing on the periphery of the musical underground since 2000, but with The Art of Violation: Part One, the band stands poised to take its place among the current crop of coldwave and industrial/rock. Straying from the eroticism of 2012’s Voyeur, Danny Rendo and his cohorts have crafted a bombastic set of songs exploring subjects as aggressive as the music; focusing on one end of the emotional spectrum covering pain, rage, and betrayal, the five tracks on this EP demonstrate a fine sense of production and lyrical fortitude. “Victimized” begins the proceedings with an intensely acerbic mix of catchy melodies, pervasive and crushing guitar riffs, topped off by occasional glitches and bursts of dubstep-inspired warbles. It’s a tightly crafted style of coldwave that at times reminds this writer of the likes of Deadstar Assembly meshed with the production savvy of 16volt. Slower in pace, but not sparing in the melodic intensity, “Control” pulsates with an insistent layering of thrumming bass, squelching synths, and culminating in a dynamic and engaging chorus that ends the EP on an emotional highpoint, topped off by a subtle interplay of vocal harmonies. In a similar fashion, the alternating growls and clean vocals of “Distractions” showcase Rendo’s vocal prowess quite well although the song, unfortunately, possesses little else to stand out on the EP. The same could almost be said for “Collapsing,” except that the particularly smooth bass and dueling synth and guitar solo add a particularly nice musical flavor to the song; strangely though, the song ends rather abruptly. Finally, there is the cover of Gravity Kills’ “Guilty,” executed with marvelous bravado, once again exhibiting Rendo’s excellent vocal range and given added flair with Herb Himes’ short but seething guitar solo. With the impending second part focusing on the opposite emotional range of forgiveness and regret, The Art of Violation: Part One not only stands alone as an excellent display of in-your-face and ultimately rocking piece of coldwave, but also works as a primer for the fuller range of Deconbrio’s lyrical and thematic outlook.
Track list:

  1. Victimized
  2. Collapsing
  3. Distractions
  4. Guilty
  5. Control

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