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Decoded Feedback - disKonnektDecoded Feedback
Category: Electro
Album: disKonnekt
Stars: 3
Blurb: This well respected duo return with their eighth album, which sees them combining deep melodies with dynamic rhythms.


There aren’t many bands producing their finest material after the best part of 20 years, but Decoded Feedback definitely is as this latest release sees Marco Biagiotti and Yone Dudas continuing the good work of the preceding album, Aftermath, with a sound that is lusher, richer, at times darker, and a lot more expressive than ever before. It gets straight down to business to with the unforgettable opener “Another Loss,” which incorporates all those attributes into a scintillating six minute winner where the deep mass of luscious melodies is underpinned by a battery of dynamic rhythms. This expressive stance is a trick the duo employ to fine effect throughout with the later “Blood Red Moon” exhibiting a slight yearning mood while the sultry Arabian flavors that characterize “It’s You” make for another winning number. On tracks such as “Mescaline” and the fast paced “Night Terror,” these are embellished by Biagiotti’s guitar, which add an altogether grittier edge to the proceedings, although there is a slight nagging feeling that the melodies themselves are just a tad repetitious. While this isn’t a massive problem, it’s tempting to wonder if more complex and changeable lead lines would have made these fine songs even better. This is definitely not the case on the slower “Heart of Stone,” which boasts a quite stunning lead line that makes for a nice, insistent feel as it works its way into your heart and mind while, as the album nears its end, “The Devil You Know” rolls along with a sort of quiet malevolence and is the most overtly dark piece on the album. That’s not to say it’s without its offbeat moments as “Slaughter,” with its samples from the movie Deliverance, seems to be aiming for a darkly humorous contrast to the uncompromising title but it actually makes a pertinent point if you care to think about it, although it makes for something a little different if nothing else. This can also be said of, to a lesser extent, the old school flavored “Soultaker,” which sees the one and only Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip adding his distinctive vocals to the mix. Given their melodic skills, it would have been criminal not to have an instrumental in there and “Dark Odyssey” duly delivers as the song takes center stage along with dark bass chords and rhythms that take their cue from Kraftwerk circa 1983 to produce a fine danceable track rather than the usual short interludes of weird sounds and effects that so many bands treat instrumentals as. Similarly, they deserve credit for not taking the easy way out in making the closing “Blade Runner Tribute,” a danceable version of Vangelis’ main theme (Siva Six did that not long ago, anyway), but rather a slower track that mixes many of the lesser known themes along with some appropriate voice samples with, towards the end, those CS80 sounds that the Greek maestro made his own so many years ago. With their luxurious swells, they still resonate strongly today and, although their style is very different, it doesn’t sound out of place one bit, bringing to an end another fine album from this well loved duo.
Track list:

  1. Another Loss
  2. Night Terror
  3. Heart of Stone
  4. Blood Red Moon
  5. Dark Odyssey
  6. Slaughter
  7. It’s You
  8. I’m The Night
  9. Mescaline
  10. Soultaker (featuring Claus Larsen)
  11. The Devil You Know
  12. Blade Runner Tribute

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