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Decoded Feedback
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Aftermath
Stars: 3
Blurb: Strong music from a strong band, with just enough room for improvement.


From their humble 1993 beginnings, Decoded Feedback has continued on a strong roll through the electronic music scene, each album better than the last. A blending of powerful drums, driving electronics, and vicious lyrics fuels their fire. Now, Decoded Feedback returns with their ninth studio album, Aftermath, continuing in the vein they’ve carved for themselves over the past decade-and-a-half.

Aftermath as a whole is a powerful album in both substance and style. Biagiotti and Dudas mix their sound masterfully with the critical lyrics Decoded Feedback has become known for in this genre. However, compared to other albums, it feels as though, overall, Aftermath is lacking in the punch it so truly deserves. Many of the tracks are well performed – the electronics, vocals, and sheer mood of the tracks tend to balance this out. But overall, the album sounds as though it could use a visit to the kick-drum store.

Nevertheless, the album has many strong points, opening with the most powerful track of the album, “Silent Killer.” Catchy hooks and sweeping pads complement powerful drums (one of the few) as the album launches full force. The album moves between smoother electro as on “Dark Reflections,” “Decompress,” and “Eternity Falls,” and darker, more upbeat pounding on “Affliction,” “Death Control,” and “Demons.” All tracks are well orchestrated, though while some take center stage, others seem to drag and sink into the realm of background music. The vocals ring out strong and harsh throughout the album with lyrics beautiful and excellent.

Aftermath is solid; where some may see the lack of punch on Aftermath as a step down the ladder, this reviewer holds that it is nothing more than a mild plateau. The album isn’t Decoded Feedback’s next smash hit, but it’s strong music from a strong band, and sometimes that’s exactly what the fans need.
Track list:

  1. Silent Killer
  2. Eternity Falls
  3. Death Control
  4. Affliction
  5. Proteus Syndrome
  6. Dark Reflections
  7. Decompress
  8. Shelter Me
  9. Translucent
  10. Demons

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