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DeathMaschine - The Human ConditionDeathMaschine
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: The Human Condition
Stars: 3
Blurb: Despite the lack of variety, DeathMaschine packs quite a wallop of pure machine metal.


Hailing from Harrisburg, PA, DeathMaschine present an incendiary combination of harsh electronics, scathing metal, and decrepit industrial backdrops. Drawing as much from the nightmarish atmospheres of Skinny Puppy as from the raucous guitar-driven noise of Rammstein, making for a sound that is both hauntingly familiar as it is unsettlingly fresh. The Human Condition marks the second of the band’s self-released efforts, following after 2009’s Impulse Over Restraint and furthering their exploration of mechanical madness.

“Brain Rot” begins the proceedings with a moderate tempo as pounding beats and grinding guitars are juxtaposed with a pulsating synth that possesses a somewhat old school tonality that does well to augment the band’s mechanized nature. N_Maschine’s vocals growl furiously tales of cybernetic decay that serve almost as a mantra for the band, “Raised by machines to be a machine.” “Soulseeker” bears a similarly trudging atmosphere, whistling feedback in the chorus along with a twinkling synth hook emphasizing a cadence of horror and dread. The pace picks up into almost techno/metal territory with “All These Dead,” a throbbing bass and guitar playing amid ambient pads befitting a horror film, the vocal distortions meshing well with the music as catchy shouts comprise the chorus, while “Crawling Sickness” is especially noteworthy for the placement of caustically organic percussion amid the programmed rhythms, truly expressing the band’s industrial roots. Finally, the title track hits hard with a thunderously danceable beat and choppy guitar riffs too catchy not to move to.

DeathMaschine lives up to its name, for while there is not a great deal of variety in the band’s style, it bears an indelible signature of pure machine metal. The formula is simple and effective, full of aggression that never once lets up, enough to instill paralyzing fear and vicious glee all at once. The production is just as dirty as the music and in all the right ways to enhance DeathMaschine’s audio/visual onslaught. At five tracks and just over 20 minutes, The Human Condition is brief enough to keep the formula from diluting, packing a fully volatile punch that will leave the listener’s ears feeling appropriately bruised and abused.
Track list:

  1. Brain Rot
  2. All These Dead
  3. Crawling Sickness
  4. Soulsucker
  5. The Human Condition

DeathMaschine Website http://www.deathmaschine.com
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