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Death Valley High - Positive EuthDeath Valley High
Category: Electro / Goth / Punk
Album: Positive Euth
Stars: 3
Blurb: If the zombies do finally rise from their graves, then this San Francisco quartet’s latest album will prove to be the perfect soundtrack for dancing with the undead.


In a few short years, San Francisco’s Death Valley High has earned a respectable place in modern electro/punk. Since the band’s formation in 2010, the raucous quartet has embarked on two national tours and earned several rock and independent music awards. While imagery and lyrics about the zombie apocalypse seem rather novel and trendy in recent years, Death Valley High manages to turn these themes on their heads with songs that are as celebratory as they are furious, and above all melodic even amid the aggression. Kicking off the band’s latest outing, Positive Euth, “Bath Salt Party” hits hard and fast with dissonant guitars and seething vocals before squelches of electronics enter amid the psychobilly stylings of “The Present.” Throughout the album is a palpable sense of urgency and energy, from the dreamy harmonies of male and female vocals on “Commit to Knife” declaring “You and I were never ordinary,” to the gritty bass, scratchy guitar, and off-kilter rhythms of “Batdanse,” through to the breakneck speed and screaming fury of “Fingernail Marks.” But for all of its irreverence and speed, the band tempers its boisterousness with cleverly interlaced melodies like those found in the melancholy “Cinema Verité” as a subtly thrumming bass underscores a moody set of harmonious guitars and vocals, or in the gloomy “A Little Light Conversation,” laced with distorted piano for a decidedly spooky effect. The same can be said of the brief interlude of “Not If I See You First” with its mesh of piano and organ sounding like a romantic theme to The Addams Family, while the album ends with the grinding synth and hooky guitar pop of “Re-Animation.” With equal measures of horror punk and electro-pop to create a mood of excitement at impending doom, Death Valley High’s music may not entice the dead to rise from the grave, but with an album like Positive Euth as the soundtrack, one can at least find enjoyment in dancing with the zombies before getting one’s brains eaten.
Track list:

  1. Bath Salt Party
  2. The Present
  3. How2Kill
  4. Commit to Knife
  5. Cinema Verité
  6. Undead Eat Lead
  7. A Little Light Conversation
  8. Batdanse
  9. Blood Drive
  10. Not If I See You First
  11. Fingernail Marks
  12. Re-Animation

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