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Deadstart Assembly - Blame It on the DevilDeadstar Assembly
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Blame It on the Devil
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Full of vibrant melodies and twilit atmospheres amid raucous nü-metal cacophonies, Deadstar Assembly’s return after five years sounds to be well worth the wait.


Southern Florida’s Deadstar Assembly is a band that knows how to take its time, usually taking no less than a few years between releases. Blame It on the Devil follows five years after 2010’s Coat of Arms, showcasing the band’s signature blend of gothic atmosphere, pummeling heavy metal, and seething electronics, with no small helping of melodic vocals amid the rage to create a sound that places the band in a class all its own. Though there may be little to distinguish this album from the band’s past outings, there is much to be said for having a solidified sense of musical identity, which absolutely shines through on Blame It on the Devil.

From the first guttural bellows of scathing vocals amid a procession of marching beats and thunderous, strangely bluesy guitars accented by a screeching synth refrain on the opening title track, traces of MINISTRY and Marilyn Manson can be heard with each iteration of “Blame it on me, blame it on you, blame it on everything that you’ve been through. Repent, rebel, blame it on the devil!” However, once “Overdose” kicks into high gear, a highly energetic and melodic anthem that thematically (and lyrically) recalls “Killing Myself Again” from 2006’s Unsaved, there is no denying that this is Deadstar Assembly doing what it does best. The same can be said for “Amulet,” the harmonious layers of vocals and guitars creating a dramatic and appealing cacophony that is almost impossible not to shake one’s fists in the air to, and “Adorned in Thorns” stands as one of the album’s more memorable tracks with its breakneck rhythms, lushly harmonized guitar lines, and subtle traces of electronic accents in the chorus, not to mention the blistering guitar solo usually reserved for less adventurous metal bands. While the vibrant synth hooks of songs like “Dirtier Than Sin” or “Will Not Die” along with intensely catchy choruses could easily place as forgotten hits from the ‘80s, touched up by the band’s raucously overdriven production, “Into the Light” is another highlight for its mournful pianos and bleak ambience, making for a wonderful power ballad that may stand as one of Deadstar Assembly’s best songs overall.

With abrasion and beauty on display in equal measures, Blame It on the Devil does not offer anything new as much as it is simply an excellent display of what Deadstar Assembly is all about. With a sound that lies somewhere between the ‘80s-inspired melody and twilit atmosphere of The Dreaming or The Birthday Massacre and the raucously indulgent nü-metal styling of Dope, Blame It on the Devil is the work of a band that makes no apologies and is quite comfortable and confident in what it has to offer.
Track list:

  1. Blame It on the Devil
  2. Overdose
  3. Filth
  4. Amulet
  5. Into the Light
  6. Will Not Die
  7. Baptized by Fire
  8. Dirtier than Sin
  9. Adorned in Thorns
  10. Devil’s Reprise

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