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Deadliner - TromperieDeadliner
Category: Industrial / Electronic / Experimental
Album: Tromperie
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The third in an instrumental series that combines various genres to evoke a cinematic feel befitting the historical and sociopolitical themes at play.


Having firmly established himself for his remixes of various artists in the industrial/electro scene along with several independently released albums, Steve Christie – under his Deadliner moniker – releases Tromperie, culminating a trilogy whose themes are as insidious as they are cinematic. The previous albums of Zito Point and Under the Cloak of Daylight began a sequence that details events leading up to the Kennedy assassination, creating a sociopolitical backdrop to his compositions evoking the feel of a soundtrack to a historical docudrama. Tromperie concludes the series with a sense of urgency and speed that resounds throughout and brings to mind the violence and threats of violence during that most tumultuous of times.

With track titles corresponding to times of impact, the album continues in true Deadliner fashion as an instrumental tour de force, with the energy that begins with “7:59:00” and “8:46:00” booming with energetic chord progressions and tightly programmed and highly danceable beat structures. One can easily imagine this music being accompanied by a visual montage of the opening moments of any conflict when victory seems assured, only to fade into the lushly beautiful yet somber “8:14:00,” with almost aquatic piano arpeggios and icy ambience creating an uplifting mood that offers a brief moment of peace. Similarly, “9:37:00” is an interlude of melancholy piano that could play alongside any Chopin nocturne, the notes trickling like raindrops, while “17:21:10” is a bit livelier and with a more uplifting melody. “9:03:00” picks up the pace with a turbulent bass line, melodic layers of pads, and eventually a stuttering distortion akin to guitar chugs that gives rise to tension and impending turmoil. The bass theme continues into “8:20:00,” albeit with a much trippier beat and a darker ambient mood that resonates in later tracks like the glitchy yet infectious “8:42:00,” whose melodic flourishes and heavy beats are as worthy of any DJ’s set as to play backdrop to a political spy thriller. Also notable is “14:40:00” with its droning Middle Eastern vibe placing the listener in the sun scorched solitude of a war torn desert, while “2996” ends the album as an almost anthemic cadence that ties up the album’s themes rather nicely, though ending in a strangely abrupt fashion.

Listening to Tromperie, as with any of Deadliner’s releases, it’s a wonder this highly capable and exploratory composer isn’t a more widely sought commodity for the soundtrack market. His music is diverse in its mood and instrumental palate, as much industrial as it is classical as it is electro, combining the best of any genre to fit the moment and create scenes in the listeners’ minds. It would be an interesting experiment to see Deadliner paired with an adventurous filmmaker and expose both music and visual experience to the wider audience Steve Christie’s music deserves.
Track list:

  1. 7:59:00
  2. 8:46:00
  3. 8:14:00
  4. 9:03:00
  5. 8:20:00
  6. 9:37:00
  7. 8:42:00
  8. 10:03:00
  9. 10:20:00
  10. 14:40:00
  11. 17:21:10
  12. 2996

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