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Dead When I Found Her - Stitches & Cover UpsDead When I Found Her
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Stitches & Cover Ups
Stars: 4
Blurb: An excellently stitched together composite of remixes from Rag Doll Blues, cover songs, and three additional Dead When I Found Her tracks.


Michael Holloway’s Dead When I Found Her project released Stitches & Cover Ups at the same time as the most recent LP, Rag Doll Blues, either as a limited edition bonus disc or as a standalone EP. Once again, DWIFH displays the trademark eerie melodies, crisp production, and imagination that have served to attract to the project so much positive attention. The remixes are all well chosen, and seem less the obligatory remix tracks and more excellently thought out reimagining of the originals.

When first viewing the track list for Stitches & Cover Ups, you might think that some of the covers are a bit conventional, even boring. But Skinny Puppy’s “Kill to Cure” and Nine Inch Nails’ “Down In It” become something modernized and captivating after being given the DWIFH treatment. “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins finally lives up to its threatening, creepy potential when reinterpreted here, and there are a few additional DWIFH tracks on the album. “Worlds Apart” and “Underbelly” could both have fit right in on Rag Doll Blues but make a nice interlude between the remixes and the covers. “Rain Machine” is remixed by Acretongue and Clearsignals, while “Lesser Light” is reinterpreted by ∆AIMON and Anklebiter. Rounding out the remixes are Kalte Farben and Chrysalide reworking “Better Days,” the latter carefully stripping away the soft melodic interludes and creating something metallic and even more dangerous. Finally, the disc comes to an end with “Anchors,” which is a haunting and fitting close.

Stitches & Cover Ups highlights Michael Holloway’s knack for recollecting and reforming haunting melodies, sinister stories, and fragmented memories in the studio, and is strong enough to be an excellent release in its own right or to be listened to as an accompaniment to the Rag Doll Blues album.
Track list:

  1. Rain Machine (Acretongue Remix)
  2. Lesser Light (Anklebiter Remix)
  3. Better Days (Chrysalide Remix)
  4. Rain Machine (Clearsignals Remix)
  5. Lesser Light (∆AIMON Remix)
  6. Better Days (Kalte Farben Remix)
  7. Worlds Apart
  8. Underbelly
  9. Kill to Cure
  10. Down In It
  11. In the Air Tonight
  12. Anchors

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