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Dead When I Found Her - All the Way DownDead When I Found Her
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: All the Way Down
Stars: 5
Blurb: Once again, Dead When I Found Her has outdone itself with a spellbinding and skillfully produced album that’s more loyal than ever to its electro/industrial foundations.


Michael Arthur Holloway has made some remarkable strides with Dead When I Found Her since the release of Harm’s Way in 2010, and he finished strong in 2015 with this highly anticipated album. His music continues to be a new-school approach to an old-school style of sound that fans on both sides of the spectrum can appreciate, and his keen gift of being able to skillfully shift styles continues to shine through with this blend of even more sophisticated and gripping sounds and samples. DWIFH’s approach to music is elaborate and has never really been restricted to a definite style or structure, and All the Way Down remains true to form in that tradition while being more complex than Holloway’s previous releases.

The album starts off with “Expiring Time,” which is a perfect intro track that slowly creeps up on the listener with good old slow industrial/rock overtones and heavy guitar that carry Holloway’s lyrics remarkably like a ship sailing in a quiet night before becoming undone with “The Unclean,” transitioning immediately to aggressively loud and slamming energy, progressive and piercing rhythms, and playful, off-the-wall uses of samples. Tracks like the hit worthy ”Downpour,” “Gathering Fear” with its almost ritualistic, rising energy, and “Blood Lesson,” which begins with sporadic and spacy ambience before breaking into a steady beat are the skeleton and essence of All the Way Down with the collective combination of constant, intricate rhythms and diverse layers of sound. Holloway dives deeper into darker and more complex levels of inspiration on songs like “Misericordia,” which begins subtle and atmospheric before switching to a steady, progressive rhythm, “Seeing Red,” which breaks form with a rumbling jazzed up drumbeat, “At Rest,” where Holloway works a more contemplative tone while asking compelling questions through the lyrics, and “Threadbare” with its usage of different vocal styles.

One can really appreciate the production value that Holloway put into All the Way Down. The tracks maintain those classic elements reminiscent of Doubting Thomas, Front Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy as far as sound, but they’re not restricted to those parameters of style alone. Holloway continues to prove that he is also a brilliant and inspired songwriter, composer, and producer. The different layers were cleanly mixed down and all of the various elements of sound can be appreciated loud and clear. But of all the positive things that could be said about All the Way Down, the album’s overall best quality is its unrestricted and ever evolving artistic direction. Dead When I Found Her always keeps listeners guessing what type of creations it will come up with next, and that’s what everyone has come to expect and love from this project. It’s safe to say that we can expect exciting things from Michael Holloway in the near future.
Track list:

  1. Expiring Time
  2. The Unclean
  3. Threadbare
  4. Gathering Fear
  5. Downpour
  6. Misericordia
  7. Blood Lesson
  8. Seeing Red
  9. The Noise Above Us
  10. At Rest

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