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Dead on TV - Fuck You, I'm FamousDead on TV
Category: Punk / Electro
Album: Fuck You, I’m Famous
Stars: 4
Blurb: Veteran rockers deliver a one-two punch of pure electro/punk adrenaline sure to appease fans of the genre and reach a few newcomers.


Many may think of punk music as having become a parody of itself, marketed and sold as much by the very mainstream that the form and attitude was originally founded to combat. So what could be more punk than a trio of veteran rockers producing an EP full of lo-fi production and scathing lyrics that tear down virtually all aspects of modern life, from politics to the media? This is where Dead on TV’s Fuck You, I’m Famous comes in, presenting five songs blazing by at 12-and-a-half minutes like a one-two punch to your ears. From critiques of pop stardom in “Dead on TV” to the diatribes on the trappings of rock stardom and the addictions of fame in “Cocaine” and the title track, Dead on TV virtually explode with in-your-face punk energy, augmented by some squelchy synths for good measure. The interplay of effectively raucous guitars riffs from Dan Evans and Chris Smits backed by Vince McAley’s powerful percussion revels in the simplicity and the aggression of punk, while Evans’ lyrics are at once poignant and belligerent with just the right amount of sardonic humor and melody to give the songs a wider appeal. But make no mistake, this is pure punk without the need for gratuitous flourishes beyond the touch of synths, and those without an ear for the style may certainly be put off by the EP’s brevity and attitude. With such lyrics as “I’ll be bombing all your cities, I’ll be killing all your children, I’ll be raping all your women, I’ll be burning up your oil” and “I’ll leave you nothing but a broken democracy” on “Dirty American,” and “Britney’s gonna end up where she belongs, might even kill herself before I finish this song” on “Dead on TV,” the band clearly has no qualms about offending the status quo and challenging notions of social acceptance; just as a good punk band should do. For all of this, Fuck You, I’m Famous is a fine EP that is sure to sate the appetite of anyone looking for a jolt of musical adrenaline.
Track list:

  1. Dead on TV
  2. Dirty American
  3. Fuck You, I’m Famous
  4. Cocaine
  5. Last Chance for Love

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