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Dead by April - Worlds CollideDead by April
Category: Pop / Metal / Electro
Album: Worlds Collide
Blurb: Dead by April returns with another foray into the metal/electro-pop genre with an album that boggles the mind as to how such an avant-garde attempt at crossing genres comes across as staggeringly boring and uninspired.


Sweden’s Dead by April, billed as a metalcore band, returns with a new album, Worlds Collide. The debut album premiered in 2009 and immediately placed at number 2 on the Swedish album charts alongside Eminem and Green Day. This album continues that tradition by remaining in the company of highly produced music that’s accessible, poppy, and ultimately, maybe a little boring.

Worlds Collide has interesting moments where talent seems to shine through. Tracks like “I Can’t Breathe” hint at interesting drum work, while “Playing with Fire,” one of the better songs on the album, hints at enjoyable and diverse vocal ranges and complex musical composition, but it’s fleeting. There’s no doubt that Dead by April has talented members, but any glimmer of art is quickly smothered in overproduced glitz, glam, and cliché pop production. “Warrior” is an unlistenable mess that sounds like someone shoved Justin Timberlake, Cradle of Filth, and Linkin Park in a blender. To top off the overall blandness and sameness of the album are the uninspired, insipid lyrics. “Just like a supernova exploding / Our two worlds are colliding / We are endlessly falling / Just like a photograph aging, fading / The cracks are slowly breaking /And we are slowly changing” rings the chorus of the album’s title track, sounding like an Imagine Dragons B-side (at best). One wall of noise transitions to another with hardly a tempo change to mark the passage of one to another. For those that have ever wished for an industrial/metal/pop/boy band, look no further than Dead by April. Any musical ability is smothered in overproduction, noise, and filler. This same band would likely be a great live show if forced to play in a drafty dive bar.

Of course, music, like all art, is subjective. Even though this writer finds no enjoyment in Worlds Collide, it may be a great romp for others who enjoy the blend of metal/pop/electro. However, Dead by April remains a hard pass for this reviewer.
Track list:

  1. Crying Over You
  2. I Can’t Breathe
  3. Playing with Fire
  4. Warrior
  5. Breaking Point
  6. My Heart is Crushable
  7. Can You See the Red?
  8. Our Worlds Collide
  9. This Is My Life
  10. Perfect the Way You Are
  11. For Every Step (featuring Tommy Körberg)

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