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Dawn of Ashes / Falling Skies - Hollywood Made in GehennaDawn of Ashes / Falling Skies
Category: Industrial / Metal / Drum & Bass
Album: Hollywood Made in Gehenna
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: An effectively blasphemous merging of industrial, black metal, and drum & bass to make for a darkly aggressive split EP.


After the departure of Othuum and Volkar Kael, Dawn of Ashes has effectively become the solo outlet for Kristof Bathory’s nightmarish blend of seething black metal and scathing industrial. The sound of Dawn of Ashes is not accessible in any sense of the word. If one were to cite Hollywood Made in Gehenna as an example of the band’s sound, it is arguable if the music is even appropriate as a horror soundtrack, full of the caustic ambience befitting demoniac fantasy but topped off by the vitriolic grind of bombastic black metal the likes of which the Norwegians of the early ‘90s would most certainly have been proud of. The title track is a perfect example, slowly chugging away with a guttural menace that only builds in rhythmic intensity before descending into an atmospheric segue like an electrified cauldron boiling to fruition. Similarly, “Fuck Like You’re in Hell” marches at an abysmal pace that allows the blasphemous mesh of erotic samples and monstrous electronics to create a suitably decrepit backdrop for the searing vocals and mournful pianos. In stark contrast, Falling Skies’ brand of scathing drum & bass plays surprisingly well against Dawn of Ashes’ industrialized black metal. The distorted bass and rapid-fire breakbeats of such tracks as “Synthetic 341 B” and “The Creature,” full of alternating tempos and shifts in tonality from frightening ambience to vicious synthesized assault makes for a wonderful complement. This is especially so in “I Fucking Hate You” and the remix of “Hollywood Made in Gehenna” as the pummeling breaks and mechanical warbles underscore Bathory’s fierce rasp. All the while, Bathory’s lyrics criticizing the worst aspects of humanity as exemplified by pop culture make for a brutal lyrical release… if only one could comprehend the words. Yet, there is cohesion amid the nine tracks on this album, a steady flow that allows the listener to gradually sink into the shift from guitar-driven rage into synthesized madness. Although this writer will admit to finding the use of samples from Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection to be a bit old hat, this in no way diminishes the overall darkly aggressive effect this album produces on the listener. Fans of crossover metal and breakcore acts like Hecate and Bong-Ra, or those who simply prefer a dose of the heretical may find much to enjoy in Hollywood Made in Gehenna.
Track list:

  1. Dawn of Ashes – The Dawn of Ashes (Reincarnation Mix)
  2. Dawn of Ashes – Hollywood Made in Gehenna
  3. Dawn of Ashes – Fuck Like You’re in Hell
  4. Dawn of Ashes – Further into the Abyss
  5. Falling Skies – Synthetic 341 B (Dawn of Ashes Mix)
  6. Falling Skies – Synthetic 341 B
  7. Falling Skies – The Creature
  8. Falling Skies – I Fucking Hate You (feat. Kristof Bathory)
  9. Dawn of Ashes – Hollywood Made in Gehenna (Falling Skies Mix)

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Falling Skies Website http://fallingskiesmusic.net
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