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Dawn of Ashes - AnathemaDawn of Ashes
Category: Industrial / Black Metal
Album: Anathema
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A singularly hideous brew of blackened metal blasphemy and decrepit mechanical ambience, making for an experience at once terrifying and enticing.


Never one to shy away from all things horrific and evil, Kristof Bathory continues his campaign to convert the unfaithful to his venomous cause. Dawn of Ashes’ sound blends the best elements of shock rock, black metal, harsh electro, and industrial and blends them into an unholy concoction that is sure to offend as many as it appeals to, making the act a singular entity in the industrial metal underground. With Anathema, Bathory takes Dawn of Ashes to a vicious new extreme that not only defies strict categorization but also the audience’s ability to cope with the onslaught of deviant aural blasphemy.

The first of the three-part title track, “Scorned Upon” begins the album with a hollow and darkly ambient helping of decrepit noise as the sounds of twisted machinery and demonic breaths give way to a malevolent beat, chugs of guitar, and Bathory’s guttural vocals that will immediately remind many of the likes of Immortal’s Abbath. Part 2, “Burned at the Stake” brings us to the midpoint of the album as the agonized bellows of indiscernible incantations give way to glitch-laden samples and a menacing march of dark choirs and metallic beats, while “Primordial Abomination” ends the album with a virulent display of orchestral grandeur, metallic clanks and frantic rhythms underscoring swells of strings and horns that give rise to a fiery statement to “Abandon hope and you shall become free.” On its own, the three tracks of the title suite are enough to send the listener into spasms of orgasmic fear and enraged bliss, but Bathory pulls all the stops throughout Anathema. Songs like “A Breathing Holocaust,” “Poisoning the Steps of Babel,” and “Sex, Blood, & Black Magic” pulsate with EBM sequences and industrial beats that would call on the listener to dance if not for the scathing displays of noisy atmosphere to give the songs an operatic flair. Other tracks like “Systematic Guillotine,” “Morphine Addiction,” and “Ending a Harrowing Wish” slow the pace down, the guitars adding to the sense of audio despair as the percussion and the shrieking synths create a haunting and nightmarish ambience, Bathory’s voice at once grittily yet seductively vile.

Dawn of Ashes is not a band for all tastes, creating a soundtrack for a descent into a hellish abyss in which all hope should be abandoned. Fans of the most blasphemous black metal and the dirtiest industrial will certainly find much to behold in the band’s mix of guitar-driven evil with broken down mechanical atmospheres and hints of stark electro, making Anathema a singularly grating and terrifying audio experience. Those who can withstand the maelstrom without having their souls eviscerated may also find the traces of musical nuance contained within, making Kristof Bathory a prime candidate to score a modern horror film or perhaps an installment in a video game series like Silent Hill.
Track list:

  1. Anathema (Part 1 – Scorned Upon)
  2. A Breathing Holocaust
  3. Poisoning the Steps of Babel (feat. Nero Bellum)
  4. Insidious (of the Judas Breed)
  5. Sex, Blood, & Black Magic
  6. Anathema (Part 2 – Burned at the Stake)
  7. Ending a Harrowing Wish
  8. Morphine Addiction
  9. Torture Device (the Final Formula for Torment)
  10. Systematic Guillotine
  11. Scars on Scars (feat. Gary Zon)
  12. Anathema (Part 3 – Primordial Abomination)

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