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Davey Suicide - Worldwide SuicideDavey Suicide
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Worldwide Suicide
Stars: 2
Blurb: While pushing the “Be Yourself” notion through this album, the band itself seems to have a complete lack of that same sense of originality.


It’s proven to be difficult to really stand out in the music industry today, but this second full-length album from Davey Suicide is just completely and totally lackluster. While its overall message is endearing, encouraging its listeners to always “be yourself,” and reminding them that they’re not alone in the world that they see as so demanding and cruel, actually listening to it is much different, and also quite difficult. You will most likely always hear the influences of a band through the music, though it seems as if Davey Suicide tried mashing Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and some 2006 techno to create the annoying and also boring mix that is Worldwide Suicide.

Each track on the album, save two, all sounds much too similar, and on top of that, they’re also all quite predictable. Tracks like “Until We’re Dead,” “Underdosed,” and “Kamikaze Culture Shock” sound like something you may hear on a B-quality horror film. They don’t have much to offer at all, each of them just endorsing the singular purpose of this album with the same lack of quality. Another track on the album, “The Devil Inside” offers a bit of ‘80s techno to spice things up a bit, even if it’s just that one track.

Overall, the entire album seems to bleed together as no specific tracks stand out, and even though the message is a positive one, it’s not one that full albums should revolve around anymore. While the group has toured with some very impressive artists such as William Control and Combichrist, Davey Suicide would be the first to play each night and the first to be forgotten at the end of the night. Here’s to hoping the group soon grows and can release something that will help improve its current status in the music industry.
Track list:

  1. Your Honor the Asshole
  2. World Wide Suicide
  3. Until We’re Dead
  4. The Hole Is Where the Heart Is
  5. The Devil Inside
  6. Only Human
  7. Underdosed
  8. Nothing is Sacred
  9. Imperfect
  10. Dirty Rotten Filthy Rich
  11. Kamikaze Culture Shock

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  1. Brad says:

    I can tell just from looking at the album cover that nobody who has completed high school will ever be into this.

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