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Davey Suicide - Made from FireDavey Suicide
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Made from Fire
Stars: 3
Blurb: The energetic Davey Suicide returns with a full-length album backed by a new sense of freedom and vigor.


Davey Suicide’s persistence is paying off. Since the California based group began in 2010, Suicide and his band have seemingly taken a page from Bob Dylan’s “Never Ending Tour” playbook and set out on the road participating in some 17-plus tours across the globe. Hit with a major snag in 2015 with the band’s former record label, Suicide made a video that quickly went viral describing the issues the band was facing and swiftly received a mass of support from the music community. Soon after, the band won a settlement in its favor and recouped some of the money owed to them and gained control over the back catalog of music. Davey Suicide has been through hell and back over the last few years, but instead of falling apart, the band forged ahead together and it shows. Made from Fire reflects this strength and perseverance without straying too far from the youthful, angst-ridden brand of nü-industrial/rock.

Made from Fire pulls from several different influences and musical styles – at its core lies solid, modern rock with pieces of ‘80s ballad metal, rap, and industrial woven into the framework. “Resurrection,” the intro to the album proclaims that Suicide and his crew have risen from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix. The first single off the album, “Rise Above” smashes right out of the gate with its fast punk beat, heavy guitars, and seething synths that build up to an anthemic sounding refrain with Suicide screaming his heart out. The Manson-esque “Dancing with the Reaper” follows a similar formula and tempo, but features a more danceable beat and stronger keys and synths in the mix. A few notable guests appear on Made from Fire, including a rap interlude from Twiztid on “Too Many Freaks,” a very catchy and potential anthem for a new generation and also the second single from the album. Things take a turn for the slower and sentimental on “Paralyzed,” a dark ballad about heartbreak and betrayal, which features the deep and smoky vocals of William Control. Niko Gemini’s opening guitar riff on “Devil’s Night” and his wicked guitar solo on “End of the War” make these ‘80s metal flavored tunes stand apart from the other songs on the album.

Overall, Davey Suicide provides a solid, well produced album. There is no doubt these guys are very talented and hardworking musicians who deserve their props. However, at times, the songs are a bit formulaic and some end up sounding a bit too similar. While this approach lends to creating good, reliable rock songs that appeal to a mainstream audience, it disallows the sort of experimentation that could lead to a more standout sound.
Track list:

  1. Resurrection (Intro)
  2. Rise Above
  3. Dancing with the Reaper
  4. No Angel
  5. Too Many Freaks (feat. Twiztid)
  6. Torture Me
  7. Anti-System Revolution
  8. Paralyzed (feat. William Control)
  9. No Place Like Hell
  10. Devil’s Night
  11. Take the Pain Away
  12. The Chemical in You
  13. Made from Fire
  14. End of War

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