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Das Präparat - Unschuldsblicke
Das Präparat
Category: Industrial / Classical / Gothic
Album: Unschuldsblicke
Stars: 4
Blurb: Latest from German duo sees the band breaking their synthpop mold and forging a new direction.


Das Präparat is a German group formed in 2001, consisting of Dr. Hyde and Nachtschwester K. The pair shares equally in the duties of vocals, lyrics, programming, and various instruments. Meaning “The Preparation” in German, the band released its latest album Unschuldsblicke as a follow-up to their 2007 full length debut, THX LD50. A very theatrical band, Das Präparat makes liberal use of stage props and costumes in their live performances. Musically, the band covers a rich spectrum of styles, jumping from aggressive, pounding electronic beats to soothing piano melodies and even throwing in a dash of cabaret.

Unschuldsblicke, which means “innocent eyes,” unquestionably sees Das Präparat coming into their own sonically and creatively. Initially a more generic sort of electronic dance band, Dr. Hyde and Nachtschwester K have devised a style that is still familiar yet more unique and more promising than other bands of similar ilk. While tracks like “Hysterie,” “Emily,” and “Fetus in Fetu” are in a traditional electro dance style, Das Präparat refuses to be a one trick pony of monotony. Songs like “Onkel” and “Allein” dismiss the electronic perspective entirely, instead relying solely upon a softly played piano. The massive divergence in style complements the other more effectively, and helps to engineer the record with layers of emotional depth and feeling.

Although there aren’t any especially catchy or outstanding tracks that Das Präparat could push as underground club anthems, Unschuldsblicke is really best enjoyed as a whole work and should be approached on those terms. Hopefully, the band’s next release will see this blending of classical elements and modern aggressive electronic music pushed even further – then they’ll really have something.
Track list:

  1. Komm und Spiel Mit Uns
  2. Fetus in Fetu
  3. Mondscheinkind
  4. Emily
  5. Onkel
  6. Hysterie
  7. Sucht
  8. Unschuldsblicke
  9. Folge Mir
  10. Allein
  11. Du Stoerst
  12. Lilith
  13. Schliess Die Augen
  14. Mondscheinkind (Wellencocktail Remix)
  15. Folge Mir (Ins Weisse Licht Mix)
  16. Spielzeugland

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