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Das Flüff - Happy PeopleDas Flüff
Category: Alternative / Electro
Album: Happy People / Hey You
Stars: 3
Blurb: Dully recorded introduction to a promising band.


Das Flüff - Hey YouThis London group calls their sound “edgy sleazy pop.” This single loses much of what edge it could have had due to frustratingly muted production, rendering the sound stagnant and edgeless.

Production issues aside, Das Flüff shows potential. Vocalist Dawn Lintern has a rich, deep voice, a welcome change from the wispy girlish tones most female vocalists in the electronic genre have to offer. “Happy People” features a frantic synth that moves from fast to slow rhythms seamlessly, and a sharp guitar that almost manages to fight its way through the dull production. “Hey You,” despite its gimmicky lyrics (a tale of romantic stalking told through Internet terms, “My eyes are drawn to your profile page… I can’t survive with your mood updates”), has a deeper rhythm that better complements Lintern’s vocals with heavy drums and a deep guitar (guitarist Steve Mays is one of the band’s best assets). If they got a better producer, Das Flüff could easily live up to the promise of edgy, sleazy pop and gain a base of fans in the process.
Track list:

  1. Happy People
  2. Hey You

Das Flüff Website http://www.dasfluff.com
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Das Flüff Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Das-Fluff/102895486415958
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Amazon MP3 (Happy People)
Amazon MP3 (Hey You)
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