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Darkhaus - My Only ShelterDarkhaus
Category: Rock / Electronic
Album: My Only Shelter
Stars: 3
Blurb: An intriguing blend of powerful rock and metal with dark and heavy electronics, breaking down genre barriers and national borders from this intercontinental electro/rock outfit.


The idea of an intercontinental band with members each from different countries might sound like a novelty in the digital age; after all, with the internet, communication across the global is perhaps the greatest that its ever been. Enter Darkhaus, with members hailing from the United States, Germany, Austria, and Scotland, brought together with the common goal of breaking barriers in musical genres as well. My Only Shelter, the band’s debut album is a tough animal to cage with its elements of industrialized synths, gothic atmosphere, and hard rocking power.

Perhaps the best example of these disparate styles is the song “Break Down the Walls,” a fast and hard-hitting rocker that immediately brings to mind the likes of Iron Maiden or Queensrÿche, especially as Ken Hanlon’s soaring vocals help create an epic atmosphere that is only strengthened by the interplay of guitars and thundering percussion. But then again, there are songs like “Grace Divine,” “Life Worth Living,” and “Our Time,” all beginning with driving electronics that hint at more industrialized leanings, a blackened ambience being delivered via Hanlon’s restrained voice. The choruses hit and the songs explode into anthemic displays of some mutant form of power metal, inviting listeners to stomp their feet, shake their fists, and shout along. The same can be said of “Breaking the Silence” as a pulsating synth plays with the gritty bass and drums, the pre-chorus being an especially noteworthy segment of gothic ambience, and while “Drive” begins with a caustic guitar riff that would indicate something more guttural and aggressive, the song proves to be rhythmic and darkly romantic. The twinkling synth that underscores the virulently charged “Don’t Close Your Eyes” along with its melancholy melody, as well as the enticing guitar arpeggios and pianos of “Looks Like Rain” evokes the likes of H.I.M. Closing out My Only Shelter is a pair of remixes, with Kinky J and Eisbrecher transforming “Life Worth Living” and “Breaking the Silence” respectively into pulse-pounding dance floor killers, turning the synths and the beats up to 11 to match the energy of the guitars.

It’s difficult to have a unique voice in today’s musical landscape, and Darkhaus comes close with the mesh of anthemic power metal and synthesized electro/industrial undertones throughout My Only Shelter. As such, it’s likely that rivetheads and genre purists will have difficulty adjusting to the band’s style, although given the sheer rocking force of the music, it’s far more likely the rock and metal audiences will be quicker to embrace Darkhaus. Be that as it may, the band deserves credit for being true to its mission to break down national and musical borders, which alone is enough to make My Only Shelter worth checking out.
Track list:

  1. Life Worth Living
  2. Grace Divine
  3. Ghost
  4. Break Down the Walls
  5. Our Time
  6. Don’t Close Your Eyes
  7. Breaking the Silence
  8. Hour of Need
  9. Looks Like Rain
  10. Apostle
  11. Son of a Gun
  12. Drive
  13. Angelina
  14. Hurts Like Hell
  15. Breaking the Silence (Eisbrecher Club Cut)
  16. Life Worth Living (Kinky J Mix)

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