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Dark Karma Soul - Theory of KarmaDark Karma Soul
Category: Metal / Electronic / Industrial
Album: Theory of Karma
Stars: 4
Blurb: Driving, raging, smashing guitars and electronics push your inner headbanger with this metal monster.


If there’s one thing to be said about industrial metal six piece Dark Karma Soul, it’s that the band came to rock heavy and hard. From the moment you pop in Theory of Karma, you’re rampaged by the ravenous guitars and as you tilt your head back and forth, you’ll suddenly be crept up on by the electronics sprinkled within the album. The only issue with Theory of Karma is that at times the vocals are drowned by the instrumentation and it takes a little away from some tracks, unfortunately.

“The Ancient” opens with some electronic drum kicks and then unexpectedly becomes entrenched in a slow paced, heavy, menacing guitar riff that ultimately speeds up into a fast paced, high energy set of drums and guitars. However, here is where it seems the vocals may be being drowned out slightly. “Bow to Me” has a similar opening to its predecessor, but the vocals are in sync with the instrumentation and it brings this track to life significantly. The dark electro intro of “Found My Reason” is short but leads into a catchy riff that has an equally catchy set of lyrics to go along with it. “Hate Time” grooves just right with its dark bass line and wild screeching guitar accompanied by a hip-hop or drum & bass type of drum set, but the real star here is the chorus that you’ll most likely be singing over and over. “Martyr” could fit in well with any track on the radio, but is just different enough musically to push it beyond the normal mold. Rage filled and full of passion, “Pressure” has a guitar riff that almost sounds Middle Eastern and electronic drums that help drive its anger home, of which the same can be said for “Terminated,” though the electronics are much more pronounced. “What the…” is a gatekeeper of pulsing electronica and driving guitar power to give the album another high note and most likely leave you wanting more.

Theory of Karma is more metal than industrial and more alternative than electronica, but this isn’t a bad thing. What’s done here is executed well and the little electronic bleeps in the backgrounds and intros of each song give them much more personality and make them much more interesting. Dark Karma Soul has done well for itself with Theory of Karma and minor technical issues aside, you should definitely give this band a listen.
Track list:

  1. Pressure
  2. Bow to Me
  3. Curve Ball
  4. I Am Judgement
  5. Warning Signs
  6. Martyr
  7. What the…
  8. Tommy Gun Winnie
  9. Found My Reason
  10. Hate Time
  11. Terminated
  12. The Ancient

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