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Daniel Steffey - ChlorosDaniel Steffey
Category: Electronica
Album: Chloros
Stars: 1
Blurb: Unpleasant ambient electronica; for very select audiences only.


This writer almost doesn’t feel qualified to review this collection from Daniel Steffey, a San Francisco “composer and percussionist” who goes by the name Noise from the Underground because it is not quite clear what he’s trying to do here. Where much ambient electronica sounds like the score to a film that hasn’t been made, this album recalls film sound effects, from the extended dial tone that makes up almost the entirety of “+Sin(gliss)P” to the laser sounds on “Radio Piece #5.”

The middle of the album is made up of a series of “Radio Piece” tracks, numbered 1 through 5. The majority of these pieces is comprised of a heavy wall of fuzz. Whenever this wall is almost punctured by something mildly melodic and interesting, like the static piano on “Radio Piece 3” or the light synth on “Radio Piece 1,” the overbearing fuzz blocks it from emerging and transforming the track. This section, and the almost 20 minute long “Chloros” that follows, evokes, in addition to movie sound effects, Lou Reed’s ill-advised experiment in album-length feedback, Metal Machine Music.

And like Metal Machine Music, Chloros will have a handful of experiment-hungry audiophiles arguing that its merits lie in its inaccessibility, but for the rest of us, the mostly tuneless fuzz is more like listening to engines warm up at the airport.
Track list:

  1. (RSin)F=M
  2. Collapse
  3. +Sin(gliss)P
  4. Radio Piece #1
  5. Radio Piece #2
  6. Radio Piece #3
  7. Radio Piece #4
  8. Radio Piece #5
  9. Radio Piece #6
  10. Radio Piece #7
  11. Chloros

Daniel Steffey Website http://www.dsteffey.blogspot.com
Noise from the Underground Website http://www.noisefromtheunderground.com
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Elizabeth Green (salomedesade)

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  1. Machu Boggins says:

    Listening to this album was like consensual ear rape. I enjoyed every second of it.

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