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Daniel Lenz - Man MachineDaniel Lenz
Category: Dubstep / Electronica
Album: Man Machine
Stars: 3
Blurb: With 19 tracks of varied electronic styles as catchy as they are cinematic, Daniel Lenz’s sophomore solo album serves as a testament to his skills as a fine producer of modern electronic music.


Since his days with Psykosonik in the ‘90s through to Hednoize and his subsequent solo career, Daniel Lenz has been no stranger to creating edgy electronica with expansive themes best suited for any soundtrack requirement. With his music, Lenz has explored all corners of the electronic spectrum to create a style that works as well to pack any dance floor as well as any cinema theater. His debut album Stuck in a Dream presented listeners with a style of electronic dance music that was as rhythmically addictive as it was catchy and poppy, putting him on par with the likes of Oakenfold. Now, with Man Machine, he sets his sights on the current craze of modern dubstep, all the while still incorporating his usual sense of epic atmosphere to transport the listener to other imaginative worlds. An excellent example is the track “Mech Attack,” which begins with a slicing electro sound that immediately brings to mind the live action Transformers films, marching slowly like a giant robot on the rampage. Similarly, the echoes of a Middle Eastern-esque theme that run through “Desert Massacre” amid the skittering arpeggios and scathing bass warbles makes for a good effect, while the title track is an all out assault of guitar-esque distortions, hard-hitting percussive breaks, and more oscillating synths that bring to mind any good sci-fi cyber thriller. And then there is the more pop-oriented voice resonates with the gritty synths to make for some radio friendly electro-pop, while “I’m So Cool” evokes an electroclash vibe with its bouncy beat and sensual vocal refrains. As on Stuck in a Dream, Brent Daniels collaborates on the tracks “The Beast” and “Wrecking Ball,” with the former track offering a menacing yet sensually melodic arpeggio theme, and the latter delivering an onslaught of industrialized beats and riffs, both songs offering different elements reminiscent of the pair’s previous work in Hednoize. With 19 tracks spanning almost an hour, Man Machine is a firm reminder of Daniel Lenz’s abilities as a producer of varied and blistering electronica that appeals to a wide range of tastes and venues; it wouldn’t surprise this writer if Lenz were to remix or in some other capacity collaborate with the likes of NERO or Celldweller given this album’s modern sensibilities while presenting the same knack for the catchy and the cinematic that Lenz has exhibited for 20 years.
Track list:

  1. Violate Yourself
  2. The Darkest Hour
  3. Fallen Angel
  4. The Beast (feat. Brent Daniels)
  5. Mech Attack
  6. Damaged
  7. Twisted and Cranked
  8. Desert Massacre
  9. The Final Step
  10. I’m So Cool
  11. Keep It Grimy
  12. LA LA Land
  13. Bang Up
  14. Underground
  15. Hoover Hell (Original Version)
  16. Sawtooth Terror
  17. Man Machine
  18. Wrecking Ball (feat. Brent Daniels)
  19. Broken

Daniel Lenz Website http://www.daniellenz.com
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Daniel Lenz Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DanielLenzMusic
Daniel Lenz Twitter http://twitter.com/daniellenz
Daniel Lenz SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/daniel-lenz
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