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Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
Daft Punk
Category: Electronica
Album: Tron: Legacy Reconfigured
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A fresh and satisfying companion piece to an already great soundtrack.


With music that has resonated in the minds of fans for nearly 30 years since its release, Wendy Carlos’ brilliant work from the soundtrack to the original Tron has left its own massive legacy. Whoever would be tasked with the music for the much anticipated sequel would certainly have massive shoes to fill. With a track record of producing extremely poppy dance music, it was unknown if Daft Punk could produce the caliber of music that complemented a film and didn’t just feel like a movie with Daft Punk music slapped on top of it much like their previous work on Interstella 555. Surprising many a naysayer, with Tron: Legacy Daft Punk proved more than capable of producing a mature, intricate, and beautifully orchestrated score that perfectly complemented the mood of the film. However, Daft Punk’s work still wasn’t without criticism as many or the group’s fans that obviously did not understand the concept of a film score and bemoaned the album’s lack of dance tracks. For those fans, there is now Tron: Legacy Reconfigured.

Building on top of the superb foundation laid by the soundtrack, this team of remixers has taken this newly iconic work from Daft Punk and reworked its songs into full-length dance tracks sure to please those whose bodies were left wanting from the lack of rhythmic beats on the score. Acts like the Crystal Method, Kil:Theory, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, and Pretty Lights magnificently capture the wonder and awe of the original work, maintaining the original mood and imagery while transforming the tracks into something much more suitable for the dance floor. Unfortunately, artists such as Photek and Com Truise who seemed relegated to working from the more incidental and less interesting moments of the soundtrack fail to leave any sort of impression and fade into a background haze. There is also the track remixed by M83 and Big Black Delta, “Fall,” which is one of the few versions to incorporate vocals, but makes itself memorable for all the wrong reasons as the ear-splitting and poorly mixed vocals will leave the listener wincing as the repeated “Na na na” leaves their ears bleeding while trying to enjoy an otherwise well put together track.

The Tron: Legacy soundtrack is sure to be a remixer’s dream for years to come and these certainly won’t be the last remixes to be spawned from it, but this first official remix offering is definitely satisfying as it dips its toes in electronica styles past and present. The lack of repeated tracks is also a significant treat, saving the listener from an album full of remixes of just “Derezzed” and “The Grid.” There still may be some disappointment from diehard Daft Punk fans hoping that Tron: Legacy had been transformed into a typical Daft Punk album by this collection of artists, but apart from one or two exceptions, the typical Daft Punk sound is still not present. Those not stuck on Daft Punk’s past, however, are sure to find a lot to love as these skilled hands play with Daft Punk’s building blocks.
Track list:

  1. Derezzed (Remixed by The Glitch Mob)
  2. Fall (Remixed by M83 Vs. Big Black Delta)
  3. The Grid (Remixed by The Crystal Method)
  4. Adagio For Tron (Remixed by Teddybears)
  5. The Son Of Flynn (Remixed by Ki:Theory)
  6. C.L.U. (Remixed by Paul Oakenfold)
  7. The Son of Flynn (Remixed by Moby)
  8. End of Line (Remixed by Boys Noize)
  9. Rinzler (Remixed by Kaskade)
  10. Encom Part 2 (Remixed by Com Truise)
  11. End of Line (Remixed by Photek)
  12. Arena (Remixed by The Japanese Popstars)
  13. Derezzed (Remixed by Avicii)
  14. Solar Sailer (Remixed by Pretty Lights)
  15. Tron Legacy (End Titles) (Remixed by Sander Kleinenberg)

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