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Cynergy 67 - SINthesizeCynergy 67
Category: Industrial / Electro / Rock
Album: SINthesize
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A concise and consistent effort from a band making remarkable strides in the electro/rock underground, full of catchy tunes as aggressive as they are danceable.


Cynergy 67 has made many strides over the course of a decade, releasing several EPs, a full-length album, and two DVDs chronicling the band’s viciously technologic and hypersexual live performances. After numerous lineup changes, the band has streamlined to the core of VX-5, Evo-1, and Mundayne, creating a tightly knit and solid musical foundation that merges cyberotic synthesis with aggressive rock energy. As the first American act to sign with Sonic Angel/Lektroland, the band’s second album, SINthesize has much to live up to… and it does so quite well.

Throbbing electronic pulses and a steady beat begin the album, an ominous and crystalline atmosphere permeating through the verses before exploding into a battering ram chorus of guitars and vocoder-enhanced melodies on “Our Life,” setting the stage for what is to come. There is a distinctly concise quality about the album as each of the 10 tracks deliver a one-two punch of industrialized rock power, never wallowing too long in expansive instrumental passages. Case in point, the album’s first single, “Skin,” which wastes no time blasting out slithery synths and grinding guitars, the vocals teeming with emotion at once passionate and desperate. Interestingly, the vocal melody is repeated in “Living Lust,” lending an almost conceptual framework to the album as a whole. The title track blazes by with an infectious chorus and danceable beats that simply demand to be on any DJ’s set list, while “Secret Game” is remarkably appealing with technoid beats and carnal ambience. Perhaps the best track on the album is “Violent Affection,” as VX-5 trades vocals off with Mea, making for a sultry and sexy tradeoff of male/female lyrical passion and aggression, the twinkling guitars and synths creating a lush musical backdrop. As well, “Beauty Never Dies” plunges the listener into the depths of despair, VX-5’s voice soaring to heights of melodic excellence.

The production on SINthesize is top notch, with every element shining through in the mix perfectly. Especially noteworthy is the more organic flavor of the guitars versus those heard on the band’s past efforts, while VX-5’s abilities as a vocalist improve with each new release. However, SINthesize does have one glaring flaw: every song is in the same key of C-minor, which makes for a lack of tonal diversity. While each song possesses its own cadence and flavor, the consistency of key makes it all too easy for the listener to shift to autopilot and inadvertently disregard the later tracks as the album trudges on. This is unfortunate as “The Darkest Place” would be one of the catchier moments on the album with its semi-spoken verses, rapid-fire chorus, and sweeping synth sequences. If not for this one major drawback, SINthesize demonstrates just how much Cynergy 67 has come into its own as a powerful force in the electro/rock underground.
Track list:

  1. Our Life
  2. Skin
  3. Violent Affection
  4. SINthesize
  5. Beauty Never Dies
  6. Living Lust
  7. The Darkest Place
  8. Mesmerized
  9. Time to Live
  10. Secret Game

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