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Cynergy 67 - Regeneration
Cynergy 67
Category: Industrial Rock / DVD
Album: Regeneration
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: A marvelous DVD that goes above and beyond what most bands, underground and mainstream alike, are willing to release.


Few bands in the underground manage to survive the pitfalls of life in the industry; financial stress, changing lineups, lack of resources, etc… any number of factors can break the spirit of a burgeoning group looking to make it in the world of music. Hailing from Wisconsin, Cynergy 67 is one such band that has endured all of these hardships and more, yet still trudges on to be one of the more exciting and independently successful entities in the electro/rock scene. Regeneration marks the band’s second DVD release, spanning the band’s evolution since the debut album release of Project: Assimilation and presenting more special features than most established bands dare to present.

Clocking in at three hours, the documentary portion of Regeneration is a cornucopia of energy and personality. Primary band members VX-5, Evo-1, and Mundayne, along with their retinue of co-musicians and crew display a powerful drive for success and recognition throughout, all the while with a sense of humor so irreverent at times that one could imagine you’d have to be there to get the full effect of the laughter. Everything from backstage antics during load-in and sound check to interactions with fans and promoters demonstrate the band’s professionalism, tenacity, all the while never taking things so seriously as to not simply enjoy the chaos that is life on the road. Interspersed throughout is live footage, giving viewers a glimpse of the industrialized powerhouse that is a Cynergy 67 performance, with all the smoke, gas masks, black lights, and cybernetic clothing and lighting one could ask for from a modern industrial rock band. Naturally, there are the bare essentials to any band’s DVD release including photos and band history, along with the not necessarily obligatory but always welcome interview. Not typical for a DVD, though, is the inclusion of several audio tracks, featuring two remixes and three tracks from Project: Assimilation.

Next to the documentary, the real treat of Regeneration is the three music videos. “Alive Inside” displays a distorted mélange of computerized visuals complementing the band in a standard performance that hearkens back to the late ‘90s era of industrial rock and metal, giving the video a classic and familiar feel. The same can be said of “Project: Assimilation,” which in many ways acts as a preview for the documentary; composed of various clips of the band live, backstage, and on the road, this video alone offers an effective summary of what Cynergy 67 is all about. The real gem of the videos is “Escape the Violence,” featuring the band in an animated form that while cartoonish and somewhat limited in the range of motion is aided by more cybernetic enhancement making for a highly original and enjoyable music video presentation.

Cynergy 67 is exemplary of the lengths to which perseverance and determination will prevail, taking what they as a band do seriously without being completely serious. Never ones to release anything hackneyed or not up to standard, Regeneration is a marvelous DVD release for Cynergy 67 and can only serve to aide the band as they strive for success in a scene ready for new heroes to emerge.
Track list:

  1. Documentary
  2. Music Videos
  3. Interview
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Audio Tracks
  6. Band History

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