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Cynergy 67 - Afterglow – Part 1: AnticipationCynergy 67
Category: Electro / Rock / Industrial
Album: Afterglow – Part 1: Anticipation
Stars: 4
Blurb: Ever evolving, the electrosexual trio of Cynergy 67 releases the first part of what is sure to be a dynamic sensory experience.


There are few things more gratifying than to hear a band progress with each release, and Cynergy 67 has been doing so since first releasing New Machine in 2007. Evolving into an self-sufficient electrosexual rock entity, Afterglow presents the next stage in the band’s development, with Part 1: Anticipation being just the first taste of where Cynergy 67 plans to take its music. While only five tracks spanning less than 20 minutes, the band offers a blistering set of sensual and electrified rock that is as appropriate for the bedroom as it is for the dance floor. Beginning with the aggressive rhythms of “Let Go,” the crunchy guitar riffs and punchy electronics seem more of a touchup to the more atmospheric layers presented in the verses. VX’s prowess as a vocalist has come a long way since the band’s beginnings, harmonizing perfectly and elevating the ambience of the music marvelously as EVO-1’s guitar and Mundayne’s bass grooves keep a constant flow that hits hard in all the right places. Originally released as a single, “Porcelain” is a noteworthy track for its interplay of stuttering synth sequences and crystalline guitars mirroring the vocal melody, building up to an explosive chorus that one wishes could last just a little longer. “Masquerade” presents a quandary for this writer; the song kicks in with a rapid fire hammer-on guitar riff – something not usually heard in Cynergy 67, but a welcome affectation that lends to the song’s immediacy – while the chorus seems to take a backseat to the verse and the bridge. It’s full enough in its layers of synthesized pads and vocals, but it feels somewhat lacking given the rest of the song’s power. And then there is “Broken Mirror” with a simple beat and deep synth bass that would lend well to a drum & bass remix, before hitting an atmospheric bridge and chorus pairing that may count as one of the best songs in the band’s repertoire. “Anticipation” ends the EP with an erotically charged synth riff that bears a resemblance to ‘90s techno, the vocoder effects on VX’s voice in the verse at once ominous and enticing; it’s a shame that it’s the shortest track on the EP, but it lives up to its name as it leaves the listener yearning for more – not just from the song, but for the second part of Afterglow. In five short tracks, Cynergy 67 has already leaped above where SINthesize left off, with the promise of more to come… if we can wait for it, but this writer certainly doesn’t wish to.
Track list:

  1. Let Go
  2. Porcelain
  3. Masquerade
  4. Broken Mirror
  5. Anticipation

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