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Cylix - AlphaCylix
Category: Synthpop / EBM
Album: Alpha
Stars: 3
Blurb: Cylix debuts with an album full of electronic melodies that provide both dance floor provocation and melancholy emotions.


From Greece by way of Life is Painful Records comes synthpop/EBM duo Cylix – comprised of plasmaG and Harry – and their debut album Alpha, an album full of synth heavy, dance floor ready instrumentation and melancholy lyrics of love lost and sadness. Though it doesn’t necessarily cover any new ground or push the envelope sound or lyric wise, it does offer a rhythmic escape into soundscapes for those feeling the same as expressed in the lyrics, which are very hopeless romantic in nature. The album also features two alternative mixes of the songs “So Much for Love” and “Heal Me,” which both completely revamp the originals in favor of different interpretations of the tracks.

Upon pressing play, listeners are immediately taken to a club scene and are sure to begin tapping their feet and moving their bodies. With the album opener “Enter” and its very techno-like and fast moving instrumentation, it’s almost infectious and calls to mind an opening sequence from an anime or video game. Immediately following is “So Much for Love,” one of the album’s standout tracks and a surefire hit with club goers, continuing the fast pace of the music, but then bringing in Harry’s vocals, which mix in nicely with the synths to make a nice blend of sadness and up-tempo dancing to ease said sadness. “Miles Divide” picks up right where the last track ends and continues the same feeling, but has a bit more of a hard edge to it with Harry delivering the lyrics in his slow and melodic way to counteract with the pace of the music. “Heal Me,” another of the album’s standout tracks calls to mind VNV Nation but without the same epic scope of their soundscapes. Though still a nice addition, its remix at the end of the album, the Afterhours Mix by Psyche, functions as an almost stripped down version of the song, ripping away the dance track and replacing it with ambience. Track six, “Keine Zeit” is the other notable track on the album, sounding similar to something from the Assemblage 23 catalog, and is one of the more vocal tracks on the album where Harry’s voice sticks out with the instrumentation rather than be overpowered or outdone by it.

If you’re pressed to find danceable instrumentation and lyrics of love and pain, Cylix has it here for you in Alpha, although others may choose to look elsewhere for a bit more diversity. A few standout tracks and some nice danceable rhythms give Cylix a nice standard release, but don’t expect to be taken to any new ground or pushed into any soundscape you haven’t been to before. Cylix demonstrates here on Alpha their ability to capture you with infectious melodies and instrumentation but the album suffers from a lack of diversity. However, a good listen is sure to move those who are already attracted to the Cylix style and sound, though it won’t grab any new listeners.
Track list:

  1. Enter
  2. So Much for Love
  3. Miles Divide
  4. Heal Me
  5. Don’t Let Me Fade
  6. Keine Zeit
  7. In My Veins
  8. Deepest Fear
  9. Exit
  10. So Much for Love (Lights of Euphoria Café’ Mix)
  11. Heal Me (Psyche Afterhours Mix)

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