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CygnosiC - SirenCygnosiC
Category: EBM / Industrial
Album: Siren
Blurb: Intense electronic compositions from Greek artist orchestrated with passion guaranteed to get your body to move.


What is this you see in the distance? Through the fog of night there beckons you a visage shining in the night. The voice of the spirit charms you to turn your ship toward it. Creeping up on you through the intense storm, you try to guide yourself as the sound of the Siren enchants you. Spellbound, a hypnosis comes over you in the whirling darkness. Welcome to the vivid experience that is the new LP album from CygnosiC; working for a solid 11 years, consistently thumping out new material, the band has just achieved another milestone with this new masterfully composed work. Taking the ride, thunder booms in the night as your vessel rides the waves, while calling out to you, an occult voice. The consistent patterns of this luminescent digital sound touches the heart deeply, creeping in on you and promising to captivate your soul. The voice through the haze is delectably irresistible as the mastering of the vivacious vocals in this album is exquisite and settles right in. The lightning flashes, and your body is compelled by it.

You will be inspired to dance in the rain just as the captain lists his trireme toward the voice in the abyss. Sailing through “Oceans of Time,” a song lovely and emotive and one of the more heartfelt tracks on the album, you can feel the depths of experience and conscience. Each epic beat is as the churning of the storm, each song is a tidal wave. A powerful addition to this perfect tempest that captures your ship is “Mind Crusher.” A classical, orchestral feeling, the spirit of the Siren is vivid in it as your nervous system is engaged, mind crushed, and your body moves without control. Your fists will surely be in the air and your head banging easily to body thumping tracks like “Free” and “I Am the Reason.” Not a single track doesn’t inspire passionate vigor in this wonderfully composed collection, the compulsion to dance irresistible as the song of a charmed goddess in the night. You are part of “The Swarm” now, a track of such epic composition and mythological proportions. The militant beat is that of the great march of a thousand armies, all aboard ships lost in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a red alert – the Sirens are wailing.

Beautifully put together, this album is pure and true to the genre. With a thrilling and impactful power, these digital master hits will lure you through the torrent. Siren is a heavy, hard-hitting experience, captivating and strong with melodies heroic and forceful, making you clench your fists as you face the stormy gods in the night. The legend of CygnosiC is being told further through this addition to the tale of the exquisite creativity of Georg Psaroudakis; inspiration that is sure to live on, much like the driving and captivating track “Survive,” whose melody can be felt quite deeply. Drawing you in, the first few tracks of the album blend together beautifully, flowing like the blood in your veins, the instrumentation and energy in the music leading from the title song all the way to the touching close of the album. You will get taken on a ride and your ship will crash lured into the mysterious realm that summoned you forth… landlocked, trapped forever, and unable to escape!
Track list:

    01. Siren
    02. The Swarm
    03. Survive
    04. Deadly Affair
    05. Aftermath
    06. Free
    07. Again
    08. Mind Crusher
    09. What Matters
    10. Unbroken
    11. I Am the Reason
    12. Oceans of Time

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