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Cygnets - Alone TogetherCygnets
Category: New Wave / Post-Punk
Album: Alone/Together
Stars: 4
Blurb: Canadian front man Logan Turner and his band have once again put together a release worthy of its accolades, marrying older styles with new techniques to create the most haunting collection of songs that they’ve come up with yet.


Logan Turner and the Cygnets have come a long way since 2010 when they released their debut album, Bleak Anthems, which at the time was popularly labeled a post-punk masterpiece. After several self released albums and getting signed on to Negative Gain Productions in 2014, the Canadian trio continues to take its blend of new wave/post-punk to greater heights. This is akin to electro/goth in the vein of heavy dance moments of the ‘80s, sounding very reminiscent of Depeche Mode, The Cure, and such others. The band’s take on the genre is innovative, fresh, and revolutionary, with a sound that appeals to old and new school listeners.

Alone/Together is thoroughly delightful and fun to listen to with catchy, foot rocking compositions that engage the listener at every turn, and the musical excellence is gripping and can be greatly appreciated as well. Kicking things off is “A Dark Chapter in Our History,” which sets the emotional and artistic climate for the album. It’s easy to get into a head banging groove with tracks like “What Are You Waiting For?,” “Unaffectionate Mistress,” and “Callie,” while other tracks like the futuristic power ballad “Icons” and the soulful “Rouge” and “Mourn” deliver more progressive rhythms and intense melodic sequences. Songs like “Chrysalis,” which is possibly the angriest monster in Alone/Together’s arsenal with its thrashing rhythms, heavy drums, droning bass line, and dramatic climaxes, and the hit “I’m Sorry (So Sorry),” which was also released as a single with a special extended version and the brilliant DeLorian remix by The Rain Within, is also a testament to Turner’s creative versatility in regards to style and approach with music production.

Cygnet’s method and madness unquestionably does artistic justice to an older school of music while successfully balancing that with a unique and innovative type of sound. Alone/Together is an absolutely remarkable compilation of darkly inspired new wave/post-punk songs complemented with other solid musical elements, and a strong show of songwriting craft. There is no doubt that Logan Turner and the Cygnets will continue to deliver on the promise of more new and mesmerizing musical gems that will transcend the musical dimensions of both the retro and new schools alike.
Track list:

  1. A Dark Chapter in Our History
  2. Ana Mia
  3. I’m Sorry (So Sorry)
  4. She’s Exactly the Kind of Broken I Need
  5. What Are You Waiting For?
  6. Icons
  7. Unaffectionate Mistress
  8. Rouge
  9. We Don’t Want to be Your Lovers
  10. Heathen Girl
  11. Chrysalis
  12. Mourn
  13. The Last Ones to Suffer
  14. Callie
  15. Ling in a Coma

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